Thursday, October 28, 2010

Loving Human Nature!

To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ I do not mean the "flesh" by saying Human Nature I mean this:


I've been a dealer and a product user since July this year and I certainly loving it more and more!

We use all of the products shown in the picture above. Adik di ba? :-)

So allow me to share just few product reviews, based on my personal experience:
  • Strengthening Shampoo and Body Peppermint Scent - hiyang naman sya sa hair ko and my skin loves it! the smell is therapeutic
  • Strengthening Shampoo and Body Cucumber Scent - I like this better and I was sad to learn that this has been phased out. The scent is really sweet and clean smelling.
  • Gugo Bark and Calamansi Strengthening Conditioner - helped me got rid of dandruff.
  • Calendula and Seaweed Facial Wash - I so love the sweet smell and it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all after washing! It's refreshing and again I really love the scent! Parang candy!
  • Luxury Body Scrub (Cocoa Butter, Lemongrass and brown Rice) - The first time I used it, I really felt its exfoliating effect on my skin. And the smell? Oh so relaxing!
  • Hand and Body Lotion Strawberry scent - My favorite among 4 choices of lotion. I love the sweet smell and how it moisturizes my skin without the sticky-icky feeling. And i use this as my perfume. i no longer use cologne ever since I bought this lotion.
  • Choco-Vanilla Lip balm - Super sarap ng amoy nya! Pero wala syang lasa! I love the fact that it really keeps my lips moisturized. The first time I used thier lip balm, Peppermint flavor (I borrowed Raya's) when I was on the verge of getting a wind burn, I couldn't believed that it worked really fast and I did not ended getting that ouch feeling of hot burning sensation on my lips. Promise! So I bought their Lip Balm Saver's kit (consists of 3 flavors) and fell in love with the Choco-Vanilla.
  • Tomato and Lemongrass Toner - no sting until I used this along with a petroleum based product, I learned that that shouldn't be-- it defeat the purpose of using an all-nature beauty care if you're still using chemical based-- so after that experience I gave up using all chemical based products. I love this toner.
  • Sunflower beauty oil - most reviews said that this product lightened the dark spots under their eyes but I can't prove that because I do not have dark spots on mine! Hahaha! But I love this, I use this as moisturizer and facial cleanser (especially if I am so sleepy and so tinatamaad to wash my face).
  • Exfoliating Facial Scrub - I love this! It is not like the usual facial scrub that leaves you feeling-- sinand paper ang mukha na dry na dry. In fact, it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time! At super tipid gamitin! I bought the 50ml last July and I still have it until today, di pa ubos.
  • Day Moisturizer (Sunflower and Papaya) - I use this at night before leaving for work after bathing, yun ang araw ko eh! Hehe. Okay lang. Nothing so special for me... Although may ilan akong friends na hindi nahiyang dito at tinigyawat. The Human Nature contact person said first feed back daw na ganun yun. Oh well, sa akin hiyang naman sya.
  • Night Moisturizer (Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera) - Okay lang din. Hehe. Medyo mahapdi lang pag sumobra ang lagay ko. Both of their moisturizer ay matipid gamitin!
  • Styling Cream (Acapulco and Mango Butter) - I seldom use this but I like it. Enough lang yung "power" nya to hold my hair style (as if naghe-hair style ako! Hahaha!)
  • Original Hair mask (Mango Butter, Peppermint scent) - This is one of my best sellers! I love it.. The smell and the soft hair it gives me after use. Once a week lang ito kasi it's like hot oil cream.
  • Moisturising Massage Oil - I bought the Lemongrass scent but I like the Eucalyptus scent better, which is more therapeutic.
  • Mineral Make-up and blush on- I love it! I love it! I love it! Thank God organic beauty products are available and affordable!
...Yun lang muna for now! I will post more of my best sellers next time. If you happen to be interested, like you want to buy or you want to be a dealer, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Give me your e-mail or number (and just let me know if you do not want it published so I won't) so I can get in touch with you. 

You can also visit their site here.

Oh! By the way, I'm also selling organic house-cleaning products by Green Care. :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and again and again and again...

Here goes that feeling of not-wanting-to-wait again...

So I have two words for me today: BE PATIENT!
"But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently." -Romans 8:25 

"And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised." -Hebrews 6:15

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." -2 Peter 3:9
* photo courtesy of Rifat Najmi - a visual artist *

Monday, October 25, 2010

Despedida and batch get together

I mentioned that one of my closest-GAWAD batchmate Jacyz, will leave for Canada and so this get-together had to happen! Kahit kaming dalawa lang I wouldn't mind!

But thank God for bringing Timo, Kuya Rasty and Kuya Arjay in our SM Mall of Asia bonding! :)

with Timo and Jaycz

my dear Gawad Sister

Ang aming Taga-Pangulo na si Doc Arjay

G-Force '03!

Sa car ni Jaycz, like the old times!

Oh kami naman. Hehe!

*pictures and more kwento about it to follow. please check back later.*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Will not be tired of counting...

Although I'm praying I won't lose count. Hehehe.

October 21, 2010

Happy 25th month my Beloved!

Thanking God for you, always!

Year End

As I have mentioned-- I don't deserve it... Pero like I always say: napaka faithful talaga Nya!

For the past months my stats has been just "meeting the expectation"... Just for the record, in my 3 years of working in this firm, I think this is the only year that I haven't gotten a perfect score (well, yet since the year has not ended) and few months ago it got me worried because I know it would affect my appraisal...

Fast forward to this month (October), my Supervisor talked to me  couple of days ago regarding my Year-To-Date (YTD) standing and asked me to do the annual self assessment, which I did... During our one-on-one session she showed me my score for the past year (from October 2009 to October 2010) I was, as I expected on the "meeting the expectation" group... But then when my Supervisor asked me for another one-on-one just a couple of hours ago today she showed me her final rating to me:

This is indeed a favor from the Lord! An unexpected one...

God, You're so good and Your blessing overflows!

Thank You!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't deserve it!

Ann - I know we haven't really grown that tight as friends but I appreciate all the things you have given me- the chocolates (oh you just don't know how I love toblerone!), donut, fruit shake and two pairs of earrings... What have i done to deserve it? I can't think of any...well, as of yet! Hehe. But thank you so much friend! I;m so glad I have you as a new found friend at work!

My Connect Family - You are my source of encouragement, strength, inspiration and love. Thank you for all the love, concern and all the prayers. I know I don't deserve all the kindness and lots of patience you've shown because I know maraming beses na nakaka-asar ako and yet you guys remain true and loving and gracious. Na-o-overwhelm ako when I think of how blessed I am to have you!

T.Carol - How can I say thank you for your love and concern to me? And even to my siblings and my family? Naiiyak ako sa sobrang tuwa pag naiisip ko lahat lahat ng discipleship sessions natin, lahat ng mga realizations, prayers and all that God taught me through you... Thank you for being a "Mom" to me. Thank you for crying with me, laughing with me, mourning with me (over my sins) and for your tough-sweet-love!

John - I sometimes think that don't deserve having you as my boyfriend but I'm really grateful to have you. I still stand amazed at how the Lord is showing His kindness to me through you... His warm embrace and comfort through yours... and His wonderful love through the love you've given me and the love that you are giving me unconditionally! I love you so much and I thank the Lord for you!

God - Your grace always amazes me even if I know I don't deserve it... More than anything in this world, Your grace ang pinaka-hindi ko deserve... And yet You chose me, You love me and gave Your life for my as atoning sacrifice for my sin. I'm sorry Lord that there are so many billion times that I take your grace for granted... That I take your forgiveness as "cheap" forgetting that it cost you death on the cross... Oh Lord, I know I do not deserve You but thank You, thank You! No words can express how emotionally thankful and grateful I am... My only prayer is that You will continue to enable me to walk in under Your grace. Because oh yeah, I AM A PRODUCT OF YOUR AMAZING GRACE!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Allow me to share an exerpt from an e-mail exchange with a very close friend (one of my accountability partner)... This one was my e-mail to her last week:

"...alam mo ang lesson ko this past few weeks?

Waiving my right

Unfair tlaga ang buhay… pero si Lord hindi Sya unfair kaya magdelight lang tayo sa Kanya.

Kahit hindi nammi-meet ng mga tao ang kaparapat natin from them; yung need natin to feel loved, appreciated and all that, andyan si God and He is all sufficient. And until we accept that truth and be reminded of that all the time, every minute, every second—we will be disappointed and frustrated and full of complaining and without joy and bitter and all...

Please hear me, I know what im saying. I can hear myself in you… at kaya sinasabi ko ang mga bagay na ito sayo kasi ito rin ang struggle ko at ito rin ang dealing with sa akin ng Panginoon.

Waive your right. Delight yourself in the Lord.


Kaya ask for grace, be humble… ask for wisdom, ask and do not doubt, and when He answers, accept it bec it is from Him. He is the giver of perfect gifts…

Sabihin ko na rin sayo yung sinabi sa kin ni john nung ganyan na ganyan din ang reklamo ko sa pamilya ko…. Sabi nya: 'kahit ganyan sila, they are still your family and however imperfect their love for you is, it is still your source of strength and comfort.' Tpos at that moment the Lord made me realize na baka naman kasi yung ipinapakita nilang appreciation sa akin at sa laha ng sacrifices ko, yung paraan nila ay yung hindi ko ine-expect from them, yung paraan na gusto ko yun yung di nila naipapakita—pero di naman nila intention na di i-appreciate lahat… like what was said in our mentoring session 'not wrong, just different.'

So again—waive your right.

Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. -Luke 9:23

I love you dear at mahal na mahal ka ni Lord. Go to Him and be satisfied..."

And I praise and thank God for her reply:

"Salamat na-relieve ako."

GAWAD - Chase Chapter Bonding

I together with my colleagues slash GAWAD friends: Joyvin a.k.a Kian (batch 2001), Ana (batch 2004, our babies), and Mark (batch 2005) went out to have a breakfast-bonding after our Friday shift last October 16, 2010.

Just want to share pictures. And I mean lots of pictures, courtesy of Mark...

Sa kabilang bldg: Ana and Me waiting for Kian. Mark sa likod ng camera. Hehe.

One of my favorite spot sa the fort!

Para lang kaming turista! LOL

My UCC drink for the day: Caramel Macchiato. Sarap!

Kian just arrived. Mga mahigit 1hr lang naman nya kami pinag-antay.

Mark and Kian

The three of them

The three of us (start ng photo shoot namin ito...)

Pictorial: pumaraan kami ng pagsulit sa binayad namin. Hahaha!

Outside UCC

Ayaw namin mag-pose. Promise.

Oh? San ka pa?

Ganda naman nung naka-pink! Hahaha!

Ako na! Ako na tlga!

Simpleng pa-cute mode.
At sorry Kian and Ana, eto lang ang nakuha ko from Mark. Kaya puro ako ang bida. Haha!

There you go...

I love being with my GAWAD friends! We're super kukulit kasi! Hehehe. Until Next time my mga kapatid!

** TRIVIA **
Established in 1993, the GAWAD FELICISIMO T. SAN LUIS FOUNDATION, INC. is a private, non-stock and non-profit organization (with neither political affiliation nor religious preference) that primarily aims to discover, develop and recognize outstanding young leaders of Laguna in line with the ideals and vision of the late Governor Felicisimo T. San Luis, who served the province for more than 33 years (1969-1992) -- unprecedented in the history of the Philippines.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating with ONE Chopstick

* A book review and my story behind getting the book. Hehe. *

First of all, let me say that I'm honored, humbled and grateful to my relative (until now we're not sure to what degree we are related, basta ang alam ko kamag-anak din namin ang mga Salceda)- LJ Salceda for giving me a complimentary copy of her first book! Super thank you LJ!

The story behind it: Early last month, we were texting each about ministry thing when she mentioned that she will give me a copy of her book and I can come on the launch to get it. However, due to work sched conflict I wasn't able to go to SM Mall of Asia for the launch. And so I thought- "I'll buy na lang my copy" but good thing I got preoccupied and didn't had the chance to go to the bookstore to buy because on September 27, I received another text from her saying:

"Kapatid, can I have ur complete mailing add? Ipadala ko yung book. Tnx! Ü"

San ka pa? She is just so generous that she took time to go to a courier and had it delivered to me! Door-to-door! When it arrived the next day, I immediately read it... Though didn't finished in one seating because of sleepiness, I enjoyed it and I told her (through text pa rin) that she made me cry!

*The Author's Dedication*
My say about the book: Very honest, forgiving, considerate (LJ did not write the book para siraan ang Papa nya), informative, helpful, powerful testimony, nakakaiyak (both sad and happy tears ha), God-glorifying pero nabitin ako! I was craving for more... As in. Hehe.

I am not from a "single parent family" setting but I caught myself relating to what Young Salceda (LJ's brother) wrote:

"I am and will always be indebted to my father for how I came to life.  For that single genetic cell, thank you, Pa.  Part of showing my gratitude to my father is to NEVER follow his footsteps.  He modeled his life for me by exhibiting the things that I shouldn't do.  He chose to live the wrong and hard way.  His life and mishaps served as red flags that cautioned me to take on a different route, completely dissimilar from his.  He was like my early warning device.  I've learned MORE from my father's mistakes than from any other part of his short life.  He indirectly taught me to be more careful of my own habits and choices as these can make a lasting, life-changing impact on myself and others.  My past motivates me to strive to become a better person, and God willing, the best father in the future."

I praise God for how their testimony ministered to me and I'm sure to a lot of people as well.

I would recommend this book for all. Not just for single parents or those who grew up with one parent but for all.

So go to your nearest bookstore and buy a copy. Maganda rin itong Christmas gift. Hehe.

You can also visit LJ's blog here.

*Thanks LJ!*

Separation Anxiety


What with me? It's been three weeks since we transferred from the 14th floor to the 9th floor but I still go to the 14th to sleep for my 1hr-lunch-break-nap.

I miss you 14th floor! You will always be my favorite floor here in Net Plaza!

Hehehe. Arte lang!

On another note, few of my friends will be leaving and I'm kind of happy-sad about the thought...

October 18, 2010 - Rudy, my seat mate has just been promoted and as Quality Analyst for a different department in the morning shift effective on this date... Kaya ayun, wala na ako kausap about our wedding plans and all the photography thing. Hehehe. Sila ni Migs (his gf) ang pinag-pe-pray ko na makuha namin to take pictures for our pre-nup... Kung kelan man yun, si Lord lang nakaka-alam. Wahehe. Congrats Rodolfo Claver! Ma-mi-miss ka namin dito. Si Vince at Jon-ed na lang ang guy sa Team. Wish you well and God bless!

October 29, 2010 - Jaycz, my GAWAD Sis and batchmate leaves for Canada to pursue her career as a nurse... and I guess to pursue her dream of becoming a Medical Doctor... Tama ba sis? And, it's been what? 3 or 4 years ba since we last saw each other? The day that you'll be flying away is coming nearer and nearer. And it really kind of making me sad... Kind of lang! Hehe. No wonder I thought about you leaving the country a couple of days before I got your text-short-notice! I wish you well, and I'm very happy for you pa rin! I know it has been your dream to go abroad... For sure naman we will see each other pa! You promised to help me out in my wedding preps diba? LOL! Thank God din that we will see each other on the 24th for your despedida and our batch's get together. Hehehe. I love you Sis! Keep in touch ha?

October 30, 2020 - JV, my wedding coordinator will leave the country in pursuit of a grenner pasture (as he told me before). Naku naman! I will miss you bro... Salamat sa mga tips and sa wedding journal na ibibigay mo sa akin. At teka, makaka-uwi ka ba sa wedding? Ikaw ang gusto ko maging emcee. LOL.

November 18, 2010 - Sager, ang baby namin ni Mike ay lilipad na papuntang Dubai para makasama ang kanyang husband... Pero sabi ko nga, wag mo na lang sya puntahan dun! Mas importante ba sya kesa sa amin ni Mike? Wahehehe. I'm missing you na... Minsan na nga lang tayo kung magkita dahil malayo ang philam sa net plaza (chos!). Haaaayyy... I'm missing you na talga! And I promise na ihahatid kita sa airport! Ok lang kahit mapuyat ako on that day! I pray that all will go well with you over there, enjoy! I'm happy you and Puto will be together again after ilang months...

...At ngayon ko lang narealize, bakit puro may wedding things sa bawat tao na binanggit ko???

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wall Street

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I don't go to movie house that often because I don't have a lot of extra money for that. Hehe. But then when I get the chance to, I make sure that I will watch the movie that is worth it (sulit sa bulsa). Thankfully I seldom end up watching movie that I regret watching...

Anyway, last Sunday, the Connect leaders went to have a break from Ortigas so we went to Riverbanks, Marikina for our thanksgiving fellowship with Elder Mike Asperin. After our lunch we had ice cream, then walked around the river banks and then walked our way to SM Marikina...

(Haba ng intro ko! Hahahaha!)

Watching a movie was not really part of the plan but then because we didn;t know what to do next we decided to watch:

At first I was waiting for hard core action scenes since I really did not have any idea what to expect on the film. There was a point that I kind of got bored until I heard familiar financial "Wall Street" terms, ayun tinutukan ko na!

The story is about the love of money being the root of all evil. The main characters both manipulated things in order to get even with their rivals. They manipulated things to get what they want. As in utakan at gulangan ang labanan, who ever is the most ganid (greedy) will win.

The film also showed how words can be very very very powerful, both in destroying and building up one's reputation. Both parties (the bida and the kontra-bida) spread gossip to ruin the other party's reputation...

Did I enjoy the movie? Well, yes, I did kind of. Hehe. I so love the cinematography! Very very excellent! The story it self, again if you're not into fincial stuff you will be bored but then if you're kind of famliar or you're in the financial industry, you will get hooked and it will be very intresting for you.

It was the following day that I realized (thanks to John for sharing) that this movie is a sequel to the Wall Street 1987 film. I wanted to watch tuloy that old film! Hehe.

See also the article in wikipedia about: Wall Street 2010.

Note: I do not endorse loving money, gossiping and manipulating things to get what you want.  In fact, I thank God that I don't have enough because I have the opportunity to trust Him in providing for all my needs. Gossiping is a common sin for women and I admit I'm guilty of it sometimes, but then again I do not endorse it. On the matter of manipulating things in order to get what I want, I can't think of a particular thing where I've done so, I just know that when a Christian does this, he/she is like saying to God that he/she is the one in charge, instead of Him.

""No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money." -Luke 16:13

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." -1 Timothy 6:10

"Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless." -Ecclesiastes 5:10