Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Had a bad day

It was a bad day today at work.  And I hate myself.

Why does it always have to happen when I'm having a post-menstrual-syndrome?  I got a failed QA at work and had a coaching session with my team lead and it was bad.  I cried out of annoyance.  And then later I regret that I reacted that way.

Yup, this is me. This is the rajshbratinella in me that I'm struggling dealing with.  I am praying and really looking forward to that day that I'll be a better me, that I can truly say I am more Christ-like.

I want to quit work.  Oh if only I could, I really would.

Oh yeah, it was a bad day! I'll stop na. Just want to let it out a bit.


Friday, September 25, 2015

On wanting God again for a better Rajsh

I have just read Ephesians chapter one and this is how I prayed and responded to God after reading His word.

"Forgive me Lord for I know I have not been faithful to You...  I am so ashamed of myself and really feel unworthy of You...  But still, thank You for reminding me that You have called me to be holy and blameless before You on the account of Christ's finished work at the cross.

Thank You also for reminding me that the intention of Your will is kind and out of Your unconditional love for me... That You purposed for ll things to work together for my good.

I indeed ask Lord that You please give me wisdom and revelation of knowledge of Christ... That my heart be enlightened and see clearly (once again) the hope of my calling in You... And once again desire to bring glory to Your name.

Help me Lord be patient with myself and with You as You lead me back to You again.

Sorry again Lord for failing You. "

I sure am hoping for a "better Rajsh" in the coming days, by God's grace. Amen. ☺️