Monday, October 18, 2010

GAWAD - Chase Chapter Bonding

I together with my colleagues slash GAWAD friends: Joyvin a.k.a Kian (batch 2001), Ana (batch 2004, our babies), and Mark (batch 2005) went out to have a breakfast-bonding after our Friday shift last October 16, 2010.

Just want to share pictures. And I mean lots of pictures, courtesy of Mark...

Sa kabilang bldg: Ana and Me waiting for Kian. Mark sa likod ng camera. Hehe.

One of my favorite spot sa the fort!

Para lang kaming turista! LOL

My UCC drink for the day: Caramel Macchiato. Sarap!

Kian just arrived. Mga mahigit 1hr lang naman nya kami pinag-antay.

Mark and Kian

The three of them

The three of us (start ng photo shoot namin ito...)

Pictorial: pumaraan kami ng pagsulit sa binayad namin. Hahaha!

Outside UCC

Ayaw namin mag-pose. Promise.

Oh? San ka pa?

Ganda naman nung naka-pink! Hahaha!

Ako na! Ako na tlga!

Simpleng pa-cute mode.
At sorry Kian and Ana, eto lang ang nakuha ko from Mark. Kaya puro ako ang bida. Haha!

There you go...

I love being with my GAWAD friends! We're super kukulit kasi! Hehehe. Until Next time my mga kapatid!

** TRIVIA **
Established in 1993, the GAWAD FELICISIMO T. SAN LUIS FOUNDATION, INC. is a private, non-stock and non-profit organization (with neither political affiliation nor religious preference) that primarily aims to discover, develop and recognize outstanding young leaders of Laguna in line with the ideals and vision of the late Governor Felicisimo T. San Luis, who served the province for more than 33 years (1969-1992) -- unprecedented in the history of the Philippines.

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