Monday, February 21, 2011

Shout out for our 29th

My text message to my beloved fiance when I woke up earlier:

"Love! Happy 29th month to both of us... I'm just excited for more months and years ahead that I'll spend with you... I love you more and more and I'll thank God for you forever! =)"

21st February 2011, 11:36 a.m.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Engaged and a few...

Okay fine. I'm just so kilig because I have been wearing this ring *pause and looks at it* for more than a week now. Hehe! Yay! Sooooo happy!

John and I have been engaged since March 17, 2009 but no ring was given then... John said, it will follow. (More of the proposal story here.) And so last week we had the chance to visit Baguio and there John bought this ring:

This is an answered prayer. Thank You God and thank you my love! I really love it! I don't have a beautiful hand/fingers but with this ring on I feel like I have the most pretty hand/fingers in the whole world! Hahahaha! Walang kokontra! Tse sa inyo! LOL

Super special thanks to all the people whom I showed this ring and went gaga and so kilig over it! Thank you all... and dami nyo so I can't mention everyone! Hehehe!

In the mean time, allow me to share with you "few" Baguio pictures:

Antamis ko naman dito! Hahaha!

GCF Baguio!

And then our group picturw with Pastor Arnold Perona

Mich, Raya and myself

Good Taste Restaurant. Super Dami ng tao dito! At masarap and sulit yung food! Burp.

At Bell Church

Hehe! My Favorite "Pre-nup" shot by Mich

Lettuce!!!! Lots of 'em.

Strawberries!!!! WOW!!!

Our Dinner @ Flying Gecko Resto, Session Road
3 Klaseng luto ng chicker with lots of fries and lettuce.

Coffee and Tea time

Session Road. Dilim naman! Hahaha!

Now the sisters' turn

This was inside Camp John Hay

Sweet namin noh? Hahaha!

Girls again

More captions to follow... :-)