Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earth Hour?

We can do more!

I already mentioned that I will be posting about this in my twitter account few weeks ago. At eto nga't ngayon ko lang nagawa. Hehe.

Allow me to share this with you---

If we just BE :
responsible stewards of the Earth and consistently mindful of our health, we will naturally choose to DO things that will preserve and protect. Then, we will HAVE the Earth as a healthy home for us and for the future generations,and a joyful and abundant life we all deserve.

Got this from the Green Care website.

For some of you, you must have received my text brigade stating that we are selling organic household products. Let me know if you are interested, here's the list of products for sale:

1. Eliminator Plus (P125.00/125 ml) - can be used as odor eliminator: toilet, garbage, repugnant food (cooking) and nicotine odor, pets and pets' waste, molds and moldy odor (from shoes, helmets, cabinets, etc.), paint other obnoxious odor. Can also be used as disinfectant: toilet, garbage bin, pet skin infection, glass window, doors and tables with oil stains and water marks. Can also be used as oil degreaser/digester, compost activator and as water quality enhancer (<-- turns tap water to alkaline water. we have been using this at home for almost 6 months now. Very matipid!) also very good for meat and veggie washing. (I also use this as “zonrox” and effective sya and as “Lysol” also at napakalaking tulong nya sa akin dahil hindi po nahawa sa mga may sakit (like: ubo, sipo). Mabenta po yun sa mga kaibigan ko na O.C. just like me! Ehehehe!)

Additional info about E.P.
When diluted with water in recommended quantities, the resulting solution is safe for humans, animals and plants:
As Odor eliminator: At 1:200, or 2.5 ml EP : 500 ml water. Neutralizes ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other offensive odor, e.g.:
-Toilet odor
- Garbage Bin
- Repugnant Food (cooking) and Nicotine Odor
- Pets and Pet's waste
- Molds and Moldy odor (from shoes, helmets, cabinets, etc.)
- Paint and other Obnoxious Odors
- Any surface with foul odors
(Note: shock dosage = 1:50, or 10 ml EP: 500 ml Water)

As Disinfectant: At 1:100 or 5 ml EP: 500 ml water
Kills pathogens and other harmful microorganisms, effective in disinfecting contaminated environments.
- Toilet, Garbage Bin
- Pet skin infection
- Glass windows, doors and tables with oil stains and water marks.

As Oil degreaser/digester: At 1:200 or 2.5 ml EP: 500 ml water
- Kitchen utensils, grease traps, oven, stove, etc.

As compost activator: accelerates the degradation of household, institutional and industrial organic waste:
- In garbage bin: 1:200, or 2.5 EP: 500 ml water
- As fertilizer: 1:200, or 5 ml EP: 500 ml water

As water quality enhancer: treats waste water from household, prevents clogging, non-corrosive in drainage:
- "Sosa" alternative - (1) 125 ml bottle EP, leave overnight, flush with warm water before use.
- Meat/vegetable washing/"preservative" = 1:500, or 1 ml EP: 500 ml water.

2. Multi-purpose cleaner (P80) - with anti-bac. Grease cutter, disinfectant and odor eliminator. Napaka-bango po, kalamansi scent!

3. Liquid hand soap (P89)- anti-bacterial. Has a very very very good scent (green apple fragrance), and doesn't make your hand feel dry at all.

4. Laundry Powder (P97/ 400 grams)- economical, suitable for both hand and machine wash. Smells so good but it does not offend our nose; as in no sting. 2 scoops can do 18-20 pcs of shirts. Based on my personal experience, matipid gamitin kasi hindi mabula, matipid magbanlaw and even if you leave you clothes na nakababad for 3 days (agan, this is based on my own experience) the smell is still the same; no bad odor!

5. Dishwashing Liquid (P73) - with anti-bac. Grease cutter, disinfectant and odor eliminator. No chemical residue, phosphates free.

6. Bath Soap (P60) - scent is similar to heno de pravia. With carrot extract and natural moisturizer. Effectively treats skin fungal infections and removes body odor.

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