Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't deserve it!

Ann - I know we haven't really grown that tight as friends but I appreciate all the things you have given me- the chocolates (oh you just don't know how I love toblerone!), donut, fruit shake and two pairs of earrings... What have i done to deserve it? I can't think of any...well, as of yet! Hehe. But thank you so much friend! I;m so glad I have you as a new found friend at work!

My Connect Family - You are my source of encouragement, strength, inspiration and love. Thank you for all the love, concern and all the prayers. I know I don't deserve all the kindness and lots of patience you've shown because I know maraming beses na nakaka-asar ako and yet you guys remain true and loving and gracious. Na-o-overwhelm ako when I think of how blessed I am to have you!

T.Carol - How can I say thank you for your love and concern to me? And even to my siblings and my family? Naiiyak ako sa sobrang tuwa pag naiisip ko lahat lahat ng discipleship sessions natin, lahat ng mga realizations, prayers and all that God taught me through you... Thank you for being a "Mom" to me. Thank you for crying with me, laughing with me, mourning with me (over my sins) and for your tough-sweet-love!

John - I sometimes think that don't deserve having you as my boyfriend but I'm really grateful to have you. I still stand amazed at how the Lord is showing His kindness to me through you... His warm embrace and comfort through yours... and His wonderful love through the love you've given me and the love that you are giving me unconditionally! I love you so much and I thank the Lord for you!

God - Your grace always amazes me even if I know I don't deserve it... More than anything in this world, Your grace ang pinaka-hindi ko deserve... And yet You chose me, You love me and gave Your life for my as atoning sacrifice for my sin. I'm sorry Lord that there are so many billion times that I take your grace for granted... That I take your forgiveness as "cheap" forgetting that it cost you death on the cross... Oh Lord, I know I do not deserve You but thank You, thank You! No words can express how emotionally thankful and grateful I am... My only prayer is that You will continue to enable me to walk in under Your grace. Because oh yeah, I AM A PRODUCT OF YOUR AMAZING GRACE!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Rajsh, my loving and faithful discipler, you have been so patient in handling me. Thank you for tirelessly listening to my groanings. You just don't know how GOD has been using you to mold me to be more enduring and faithful in serving HIM. Your faithfulness in the LORD is really commendable and I really admire you for that.

-Ann Bulsico