Monday, October 18, 2010


Allow me to share an exerpt from an e-mail exchange with a very close friend (one of my accountability partner)... This one was my e-mail to her last week:

"...alam mo ang lesson ko this past few weeks?

Waiving my right

Unfair tlaga ang buhay… pero si Lord hindi Sya unfair kaya magdelight lang tayo sa Kanya.

Kahit hindi nammi-meet ng mga tao ang kaparapat natin from them; yung need natin to feel loved, appreciated and all that, andyan si God and He is all sufficient. And until we accept that truth and be reminded of that all the time, every minute, every second—we will be disappointed and frustrated and full of complaining and without joy and bitter and all...

Please hear me, I know what im saying. I can hear myself in you… at kaya sinasabi ko ang mga bagay na ito sayo kasi ito rin ang struggle ko at ito rin ang dealing with sa akin ng Panginoon.

Waive your right. Delight yourself in the Lord.


Kaya ask for grace, be humble… ask for wisdom, ask and do not doubt, and when He answers, accept it bec it is from Him. He is the giver of perfect gifts…

Sabihin ko na rin sayo yung sinabi sa kin ni john nung ganyan na ganyan din ang reklamo ko sa pamilya ko…. Sabi nya: 'kahit ganyan sila, they are still your family and however imperfect their love for you is, it is still your source of strength and comfort.' Tpos at that moment the Lord made me realize na baka naman kasi yung ipinapakita nilang appreciation sa akin at sa laha ng sacrifices ko, yung paraan nila ay yung hindi ko ine-expect from them, yung paraan na gusto ko yun yung di nila naipapakita—pero di naman nila intention na di i-appreciate lahat… like what was said in our mentoring session 'not wrong, just different.'

So again—waive your right.

Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. -Luke 9:23

I love you dear at mahal na mahal ka ni Lord. Go to Him and be satisfied..."

And I praise and thank God for her reply:

"Salamat na-relieve ako."


Anonymous said...

"ask and do not doubt, and when He answers, accept it bec it is from Him. He is the giver of perfect gifts"

This was the lesson the LORD had taught me yesterday. The LORD's answer to my prayer was a bit sad because I was expecting for something that will gratify my desire. But, the LORD showed me that HE is really sovereign over my life. He won't allow things or even men to hinder what HE has planned in my life. I am still feeling sad about it though but I am just dwelling on the thought that HE really is the giver of the perfect gift. He always knows what's best for me.

- Ann Bulsico

Rajsh said...

*** < HÜG > ***

thnx for sharing sis!