Friday, April 8, 2016

Thanking God on Friday!

I just thought of starting a series of thanksgiving items every Friday. I hope mapanindigan ko. Haha! 

Thanking the Lord for the following:

1. Our Mitsubishi Mirage has been on board for Uber since Tuesday! Yay! After months of waiting, finally naka-byahe na rin. Extra source of income to help pay the car loan. 

2. Though stats wise, I am not doing well at work, I thank the Lord for how He has changed my heart towards work. Hindi na kagaya last year na gustong gusto kong magresign. 

3. For people who have been telling me they are praying for me and for reminding me to focus my eyes on Jesus. 

4. For my y-group members and brethren in Connect ministry who keep me sane and is being used by God to help me want to be on track. 

5. For God's provision kahit na madalas sa tingin ko kulang na ang budget, still He makes sure na we do not lack resources to pay for the bills that we need to pay.

6. For those friends in the office who makes me smile. 

7. And of course, for Jesus, the ultimate love of my soul who never gives up on me. Who is always gracious and patient. 

Until next Friday! Looking forward for more things to thank the Lord for! ☺️