Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On waiting and trusting Him

A growth group member shared in our viber group chat a concern she has at work. I said I'll pray for her and reminded her of our lesson last Saturday in Romans 8:28 where it said that in good times or bad, all things are working together for the good-- being made in Christ-likeness, being changed from glory to glory-- of those called to salvation by God, those people who love Him. And while I type those words, I am also speaking to myself. 

I am struggling with the fact that I have to endure being on a 10 am to 7 pm schedule at work. That is the worst schedule that the management could give me because it will basically compromise our (John and I) time together since he works at night. By the time I arrive home, he needs to leave na.  By the time he arrives home in the morning, I need to leave na otherwise I'll be late because of the traffic. And so because of all these factors, I struggle and find myself feeling like I want to resign na talaga, as in if only I could, I'd submit an immediate resignation. BUT it's also clear, given our current financial situation that I cannot afford to quit working as of yet. 

So for now, I am praying that God will allow me to see things in His perspective. Just as His word said, it is certain that this change of schedule did not go about without His approval or just by chance, kasi sabi sa word Nya "all things work together for good" so this is not an exception. I have to accept that every moment as I trust in Him and wait upon His perfect timing when will I be able to leave my job. I have to trust Him because He knows what He is doing with my life. 

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
-Psalm 27:14

Friday, June 5, 2015

Making memories with him

John and I have been married for 2 years and 8 months today. Wala lang. Hahaha!

Early this evening when he played spotify, the first song that played was "The Way You Look tonight" by Michael Buble. And if you know that song, you know how romantic it is to dance it away with someone you love. Hahaha! And so inaya ko sya sumayaw kami (sway sway ba while hugging each other). Ayaw pa nya kunwari but he obliged din naman ng konti. And that I find really cute and sweet of him. Silly things that we do (or should I say, I do to him. Haha) when we're together. I love it and I will forever cherish having those kind of sweet moments with him.

Before he left for work, I shared to him my quiet time this morning in Psalm 18:25 where David said "To the faithful You show Yourself faithful, to the blameless You show Yourself blameless,..." and how I realized that indeed it's true that when God's children are aligned to God's heart and will and when we obey Him faithfully, kitang kita natin ang pagiging faithful Nya. But when we go against Him and resist and disobey, ang feeling natin kay Lord unfair Sya. And then John said in reply: "May sasabihin ako tungkol dyan bukas."  To which I answered: "Ano iyo?" sumagot uli sya: "Bukas na ba ngayon?"  And then we both laughed! It's just sweet. I find it really sweet!

I love making memories with him. I really am thankful to the Lord He led me to John.

(Que music: ♫ How sweet it is to be loved by you! ♥ )

Looking forward for more and more memories with my hubby dear!