Monday, September 26, 2011

We love You, Lord!

How time flies!

September 21, 2011 marked our 3rd anniversary as a couple! We indeed praise God for His faithfulness because if it weren't for Him we wouldn't survive together... And because "we love because He first loved us." :)

Special shout out and thanks to our Connect family, to our mentors Pastor Raul Caguin, Tita Vivian Lacanilao and Teacher Carol Felipe, the people who always pray for us and with us.

Allow me to share highlights of our two part celebration...

John got sick on the day itself. He woke up with fever and colds. When I arrived in their house he was still in bed. I woke him up with a cake surprise and good thing he was able to get up and we ate dinner together.  Wala syang gana na kumain ng meal so he requested for champorado instead.

Here's pictures of our very simple anniv dinner date:

delicious leche flan cake roll from Red Ribbon


but still smiling!

we love our cake!

special thanks to John-liit for taking our picture!
Happy 3yrs indeed! :)
And then come Sunday, September 25, 2011 we went to Manila Ocean Park for a post-anniv-celebration.  We arrived there few minutes before 7pm which was just in time for the light show. Kakatuwa! I really felt like a kid that night. And I told myself babalik ako dito with my pamangkins! Hehe. Here are the pictures:

Once Upon An Ocean 

We kind of got wet after the show but it was fun!

This fish... este, giant fish! The one who greeted us when we entered the Oceanarium

Sabi pa namin ni John nung una: "Hindi yan totoo!" We were'nt convinced until it moved! Haha!

Eto sya... grabe, super huge talaga nya!

Its Gil of "Finding Nemo!" Hello there! :)

I was so taken aback when I saw this seahorse... grabe, nakatuwa!

It's Dory!!!!! And she smiled at me when I took her picture! So cuuuute! :)

Long horn cowhead fish a.k.a Baka-baka

Isa sa pinaka-aabangan kong makita...


I found you! Haha! Hello there li'l fella!

Finding Nemo is my favorite cartoon!

And so I wouldn't leave the place without a picture with them!
Kahit di naman ako kita. Ehehe. Bawal ang flash eh. 

Lobster... big one! at ang mga nakaka-pekeng isda...

Akala mo mga bato but no, isda sila! isda!

Stone fish!

Napa-"Whoa!" kami dito ni John!

Anlaki ano?

Giant grouper eh, malamang live by their name! Hehe

I love this shot... Pang profile pic! LOL

Resting sword fish

One of the most breath-taking view...

Nawala ako sa focus nito, grabe!

Maiksi lang sya pero worth it naman yung makikita. Sarap ng tumambay oh!

I look haggard here but heck, I was enjoying so I didn't bother to fix my hair.. Ahahaha!

Hirap magkuha ng sarili. :)

Para silang hamster-- wala silang ginawa kundi magpa-ikot-ikot!

Scary ones but still enjoyed looking at them...

Yes, sharks!

Hi Mr. Shark! I'm not a food, I'm a friend! :)

Before exiting the... Sakay muna!

Now my turn (with flash)

John encountered a dinosaur. Ehehe.

Happy couple!
 Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Cheers for the 3 years and counting!
We love You, Lord! :)

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Words Of Wisdom

Don’t ask God for what you think is good; ask Him for what is good for you.

‘This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...’ -Matthew 6:9-10

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...Part 4 with my beloved!

Here's for the last part of my "27 years of God's faithfulness" post.

Save the best for last ika nga! hehe. :)

August 26, 2011
-My beloved John promised me this birthday treat and I super enjoyed it... We ate at Chocolate Fire in Makati. Loved the place and the sandwich...yung drink ko medyo disappointing kasi lasang Milo. Ahahaha!

Anyway, photos muna for now ang mai-she-share ko... Story to follow na lang! Enjoy. :)

a view from where we are seated


my drink: i forgot na kung ano bsta chocolate w/ whip cream! haha!

John's drink: white chocolate w/ cinnamon... mas masarap ito sa drink ko

turkey sandwich

uhm... nakalimutan ko na din! bakit puro food ni John naalala ko? LOL

Mog shot lang love! LOL

Deadma shot ni John and pa-Cute shot ko

That's more like it! ;) & look! anlaki nung mga sandwich noh?

time to show you the place... sa 2nd flr kami nito

those two doors w/ the painting of a lady and a man are wash rooms! cool noh?

i love my dSLR! madilim dito eh pero my shot turned out well. :)

different view naman

tin can puppet. cute!

busy sya sa pagbabasa... ako sa pagkukuha ng letrato!

oops! na-click ko...

yan kasama na ako! thanks to self-timer! hehe

wala ulit ako...

andito ulit...

"candid" hahaha!

i wanted him to look at the camera... pasaway!

let's drink to that!

kulet nya noh? nagtakip talaga ng tasa! hmp

hehe. love it! love my man!
 That's all for now... Will edit for more detailed story. :)