Monday, January 30, 2012

Why God doesn't want His people to worry

For the last two weeks, I had the privilege of studying Matthew 6:25-34 and I taught a lesson I entitled "Why God doesn't want His people to worry" in Connect Agents' of Change GG on January 21st and 28th.  It was a challenging study time as the passage was VERY VERY RICH but I thank the Lord for His grace is indeed sufficient and His wisdom is just amazing!

Now let me share the gist of what I learned about the passage...

The word worry pertains to being distracted from things to the point that it causes us (believers) to lose focus in God and to not have that attitude of worship in everything that we do (same as in Luke 10:40-41).

The passage was addressed to believers as it states- "your heavenly Father" (Matthew 6:26) and "O you of little faith!" (Matthew 6:30).  Not everyone can call Him Father, only those who have a personal and intimate relationship with Him through Christ Jesus (John 1:12) and then Jesus didn't say "O you of NO faith" but rather "little." Who are those whom have genuine faith in Him but those who belong to Him right?

God's children shouldn't worry because God is their Father, He knows what they need even before they ask Him (Matthew 6:8), God the Father being the Creator of all things provides for His creation (Matthew 5:45) how much more to His children? God's children shouldn't worry about basic things needed with the arrogant attitude as if God wouldn't be able to provide it, because in the first place He already gave up His best (Romans 8:32) what else can He not give to us? God's children shouldn't worry because it shows that they do not trust God enough and lack of trust in God is sin! And God calls His children to continually seek His kingdom (Romans 14:17) and his righteousness (Romans 3:9-24) rather than worry!

To just ponder on the passage- Matthew 6:25-34- gives encouragement to me! It's mind blowing to realize and learn of the things I learned from this passage and I really thank the Lord for allowing me to study this, for guiding me and opening my heart to His truths, and for giving me the opportunity to apply it even before I teach it to our growth group.

Praise His name! To Him be all the glory!

Btw, here are my GG members and attendees that night:

L-R: John, Kuya Anthon, Jane (John's Sis-inlaw), Mama Edith (John's mom)

R-L: Raya, Sai and Lheng
How about you? How was your weekend?


ekang said...

I think Matthew 6:25-34 is one of the most powerful set of verses in the Bible. Una ko pa lang nabasa yun, sobrang na-amaze na ako. Napakaganda kasi nung comparison na ginawa ni Jesus Christ. Tipong mapapa-oo nga naman ang sinumang makabasa. Hahaha! I love it! :D

Rajsh Sabio said...

Thanks for reading dear! :)