Monday, January 9, 2012


Just want to share photos of the gifts I received for 2011 Christmas. Very touched, grateful and felt so loved!

Got this sa Connect GG Christmas party, an exchange gift from Cecille

from my former Sup who is now an OM, Ms. Katie. :)

from a colleague, Kuya Paul

third chocolate from a colleague, Ate Hazel
And yes, you guessed it right! I have a very sweet tooth! hehehe:)

from a colleague, Ate Beth
and a coffee lover too! sakto pati itong gift cause my tumbler got broken na! :)

from a colleague, Bermie
my favorite color! and this one is very useful as I do my qt, journal, studies, accounting and all...
Ballpen po ito. cute noh? :)

my "something useful" from Ate Hazel
isa pa itong super timing and yes nagagamit ko tlaga sya everyday! love it!

from a dear friend, Mich
more sticky notes! love the design, so me! :)

from my co-leader in Connect and churchmates, Ate Lea and Julie
pwede itong kikay kit or lalagyan ng pen, pencil, post-its and other small stuff.
and the bracelet I believe is from Boracay. :)

from a colleague and a disciple, Fhang
very sweet of her to give me this jewelry... i love pearls!
"something descriptive" gift from Ate Hazel
super useful and very me daw! hahaha! OC kasi ako at madalas mag-accounting so kailangan ko daw nito.
at hindi ko pala nakunan ng pic yung "something memorable" nasa office kasi! hmp!

now this one is just the sweetest gift from my GG members...

Words of affirmation! :)

from Art
Thanks too bro!

from Jem

from Amor
...praise God!

from Ryan're a blessing too bro! :)

from Jane
...I treasure our freindship my dear!

from Travis
...Wow, humbling and overwhelming!

and from Jonas
...this is almost exaclty what I wrote/told him in my note for him. Thanking God for you bro! :)

here's all of them. :)
The books are from Ate Hazel, remember my "Traditional but priceless" post?

and may humabol, chocolate (4th na ito) and lipstick from Australia courtesy of Noel, Kate and Nikki (John's brother and his family)
Btw, if you are wondering asan ang gift sa akin ng mahal kong si John, hindi ko pa po nakukuha... It's a GC! Hindi pa kasi kami nagkakaroon ng chance to go shopping for my gift. Hehe. :)

Anf I just remembered, I haven't taken a photo of the gifts from Misha, a CD entitled "Stand Up" and from Jonas a Philip Yancey book entitled "Disappointments with God."

Sorry brothers in the Lord if wala dito ha? But I assure you, I really appreciate your gifts! :)

How sweet di ba? Who wouldn't feel loved sa mga unexpected gifts na ito?

Thank You Lord for these... :)


Anonymous said...

Daming gifts...

Thanks Rajsh!!!

Rajsh Sabio said...

Dami ba? hehehe! :)