Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Connect - Taguig :)

I just realized I haven't shared this here.

One of the newest Growth Group (or GG) of GCF Connect is Connect-Taguig. We meet up every Saturday 7am in Bonifacio Global City. The group started meeting last year, July 9, 2011 and since then the Lord has been using the GG to be a venue where people get to know the Lord Jesus Christ on a deeper, personal and intimate level, and for believers to have fellowship and accountability to strengthen each other...

Last Saturday was our first meeting for this year and we conducted it in our new "home" because the original place we conduct our GG last year closed down already (we miss you Dunkin Donut Cafe! We really do!).

Our GG has been going through a study of the Parables.  And last Saturday, we studied Matthew 13:44-45 with John (my beloved) teaching... It was a divine appointment! And I was really encouraged and blessed by that encounter with the Lord and the fellowship that we had. Add to that two first timer guest came! Whom I am hoping and praying to attend regularly. Praise God talaga for that day!

Anyway, you know me, I love pictures... So here are few photos during our Growth group / Bible study fellowship.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Connect-Taguig:

beautiful day. great place. nice weather.

The Word of God is our main and special "dish"

Salvation is as precious and as hard to discover as the hidden treasure and pearl of great worth in the parable...
True! :))

Tree of life. Hehe. :)

John explained the parable and shared the Gospel.
Praise God for ministry opportunities like this! All for His glory! :)

Photo credits: Jonas Acorda and yours truly. :)

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