Monday, January 9, 2012

Look at me

Blessing na hindi naman halata sa hitsura ko na stressed ako... Would you agree? Hehe!

Anyway, for my fourth blog entry of the day... Here's some vanity pics taken last Saturday and yesterday, Sunday.

Taken last Saturday morning, while waiting for other GG members.
Thank you Jonas Acorda for this photo. :)

Taken yesterday after our Bible study.
Pa-cute at pa-tweetums. Felling teenager? lol
Thank you Sai Dapitan for this pic and the rest below.

Sisters in blue.
How do you like my earrings?
Special thanks to my sponsor, Analyn Santiago, for these pretty, pink and circle dangling earrings! :)

And one last time...
Raya and Rajsh.
Beautiful! :))
Pagbigyan na, Monday naman eh! lol! Anu daw? :D

Hope you're having a good one! Blessings!

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