Friday, January 20, 2012

My breakfast for today and some thoughts

My breakfast for today—Whole Wheat cereals, banana, coffee, Matthew 6:25-27 (in preparation for tomorrow night. I’ll teach in our GG), Luke 10:40-41 and then Genesis chapters 39 and 40. Talk about physical and spiritual feeding… Oh yeah! Burp!

Realization—I’m a Martha! Oh my, napa-ngiti ako when I studied that passage (Luke 10:40-41) about her earlier… I really am a Martha! And all along I thought I was a Peter. Hehe. Well siguro, may Peter side din ako. Wala lang. Na-realize ko lang and ngayon ko lang inadmit... My discipler told me that already pero dineny ko. Haha! :D

Sweet thought—I said to myself on my way to our office: "I miss John… But yeah, we’ll have a life time to spend together very soon so that’s okay! I can miss him now but I shouldn’t have to be so emo about it."

Bow. Thank God it’s Friday! :)

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