Friday, September 14, 2007

'was pissed off

>>>09/13/2007 07:32 AM

Hi ms. gel,

I'm sorry if I'm going to be emotional about it.

my record would proof that I'm a "suki" in escalating calls, there's few reason why, aht wise, to save time of our customer, if the answer provided (ccp level) would be just the same or if i can de-escalate the call at all, i will not ask for an escalation.

but it has gotten into my head that there's few CAP's around that would really make me feel "utang na loob" ko sa kanila yung escalationl. one reason pa yun bkit ayoko magpa-escalate, I'm even risking the info I'm giving and my csat and my quality because i hate the feeling, it's like IN YOUR FACE na pananabla and it really is making me feel so bad about my self. ilang beses ko na po kasing naransan 'to at pinalampas ko lang pero i can't contain it anymore. I have nothing against that person but then there's a part of me that's been hurt, not once but a couple of times.

I just want to be heard. I don't want to sound too self-righteous and self-focused about it pero sana maramadaman ko sa kanila that they perform according to their job description and that they would love their job! it would take a lot of maturity and selflessness para ma-accomplish yun pero i know that it's possible kasi pare-pareho lang naman tyong nagtatrabaho dito.

pasensya na po tlga if i have to consume lots of aux 2 today. pinapaiyak ako nung feeling eh. thanks po!

>>>09/14/2007 12:14 AM

hi rajsh,

im not aware about it and thank you for bringing this into my attention. don't be sorry, im sure there's nothing that we cannot resolve or talk about. i'll have you in aux 4 later so we could discuss this fully. my advise right now is dont let this kind of things affect you or your performance.. if you have any questions, feel free to approach me... wag ka ng magisip

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