Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spiritually High...

Yes I am! I have never been this close to God, never in my life I have been this "hyper-for-Christ"... And i am happy about it! I'm just so glad that God is teaching me, everyday to become more like Him.

For the past few months, as I have recalled, ewan ko ba... Ang galing kumilos ni God sa buhay ko! It started when I moved from SITEL to JP Morgan Chase. Para sa akin yun tlga yung turning point ko! I felt God speaking to me during my training days, that was in Febuary, nung maaksidente si Raya, tapos nakunan si Paz, tapos nagka-galit kami ni Mira, tpos nawala yung d900 ko... Haaayyy, sunod-sunod kaya yun! But I can really say that God prepared me, that's why He let me experience those things. I have felt He was really speaking to me nung mga panahong yon, i learned how to put my trust on Him, to focus on Him alone, I learened the value of "where your treasure is, where your heart is" and to worship Him even in taking calls at work! Mga ganung bagay... At kaya ayun nga, I turned out to be like what I am right now.

I praise God for the manifestations that I AM CHANGED! Mich, an old friend from ICT saw how God changed me, how He changed my heart. Sherwin, an old friend from ICT as well, keeps on thanking me for being so mabait to him and I just keep on reminding him that it's not me, it's God who's working in my life and to his... At maraming pang tao ang nakaka-pansin ng pagbabago sa buhay ko!

I was also surprised na hndi na ako nag-mumura sa mga customers ko... Grabe naiiyak ako sa sobrang tuwa! It has been my prayers since I was 17yrs old na tanggalin sa akin ni God yung bad-words pero ayun at talaga pa lang proseso sya at it took some time! Before I knew it God changed my heart. I have learned to forgive myself and to forgive my dad and mom and Mira too! I'm just overwhelmed to see how the works of His hands are moving in my life... An how it is affecting other people's lives too!

I have become a World-Class Christian, sobrang up-beat yung feeling ko over doing my part in the "Great Commission". And I am now taking the lead in our Call center Ministry at GCF, isa pa sa mga isang bagay na hindi ko naisip na magagawa ko.

I remember way back when I was still with Sitel, ginusto ko ng umalis sa Call Center industry at ma-missionary na lang... Pero God told me to stay, kasi nga eto ang mission field ko! Wow! Nkaka-amaze at nakaka-takot pero excited ako! Yung prayer ko nga kay God nung birthday ko was - "Here I am Lord, send me! I wan you to use me for your ministry!" And I can feel that God is answering my prayers...

I have grown so much inlove with Christ and His people. Mas naging concern ako ngayon sa mga tao around me na hindi pa nakakakilala... Mahirap sya at minsan talaga it gets so frustrating pero ayun nga, excited ako! Soibrang God is teaching me to be patient and trust His timing... Sobrang pinag-pe-pray ko din na He continue to cleanse my heart baka kasi hindi ko namamalayan inaagaw ko na sa Kanya yung credit and glory i'm not worthy of.

So basta, I'm spiritually high right now... Contagious nga daw ako kasi sobrang taas ng energy ko! And I praise God for it... And give all the glory back to him, and to Him alone!

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