Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Never been this happy!

And I can't contain it! It just overflows... And yeah just like what my blog says I'm "overwhelmed"!

Why is that? The things is, there's just so many reasons why... I don't even know where to start!

Well sige na nga, I'll share some things na papasok sa utak ko:
-I'm very happy to be making impact to my family, esp yo majar and raya! I feel so bless to become a blessing for them! Earlier I had a pep talk with majar I told him about the "wake up call" that if we really love our family we have to ensure they'll be with us in heaven when we die... sabi nya sa akin "na-pressure naman ako sa sinabi mo!". At medyo natigilan din ako, hehe! Parang, "oo nga noh, that's a lot of work to do!" pero bumawi ako at sabi ko kay bunso "..ganun tlga, for the lov of God and His people!"

-Another one would be my good dilemma, haha! After God revealed to me that the guy I have prayed for since March was not "the one", eto na may new guy next in line! Hahaha! Wala lang, nakakatuwa lang, I have never told anyone who he is kasi ayokong tuksuhin ako at ayokong kiligin ako over it! Baka kasi ma-sobrahan at hindi ko na ma-discern ng maayos ang will ni Lord, so ayun I leave it up to Him. All I'm praying for is that if it's His will so be it. And yeah, it really is a good dilema kasi may mga manifestation na pinapakita si God sa akin galing dito sa new guy na 'to! At nakakatuwa!

-I feel so privileged and so very happy to be a blessing to the people in the call center ministry, ayun! Last Sunday I have prayed for Claire after our Theology 1 class, I never thought that it would be that powerful! She told us that the devil was there and when i said the prayer "...would you cover her with your blood Father, and in Jesus name, Satan leave this girl alone!" the devil flew! And I praise God for using me, it was an amazing experience that really left me in awe. As is grabe! I praise God that Claire was relieved! And I'm still praying for her.

-My Tuesday was awesome! I was invited by my boss, Barry Marshall, who happens to be an elder in Union Church of Manila, to attend the worship for young-adults because it was P. Ro that's preaching. And we surprised him (p.Ro) kasi it was when we were few blocks away from UCM when I called him to say that we're going to see him preach. Hehe, also nice to see GCF's band play and lead the praise and worship, andun sila Buds, tpos si P. Euge andun din! At nakaka-tuwa na nakasama ko din sila Darwin and Louie.

And so there... those are just few things! At marami pang mga bagay... I told mama about these things sabi nya "write about it so that more people can rejoice with you?" So here I am... REJOICE WITH ME!

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