Saturday, September 22, 2007

Doing what is right

... to glorify God!

It happened yesterday evening, when Majar and I went to 7/11 get something to eat:

Myself: miss, ano bang sizes ng mga drinks nyo?
Cashier: Regular, Meduim and Large po
Myself: Oh sige, yun na lang meduim. Magkano yun?
Cashier: 18 pesos po... 16oz po yun.

(I gave her my payment and then went to a table)

Myself: Majar, ikaw na nga kumuha nung drinks, Meduim ha.

(He went off and get the drinks for me)
(It was few minutes after I zipped my iced tea when I realized that it was 22oz that Majar brought me, nagtaka ako bakit 22oz kinuha nya so I asked...)

Myself: bkit eto kinuha mo? Large ata 'to eh, 16oz daw yung meduim diba?
Majar: eh yun lang ang nakalagay eh, regular tpos yan... hati na lang tayo.

(inom pa din ako... at napapaisip for a while what to do... and then I ended up approaching the cashier back)

Myself: Miss, for how much yung 22oz na drink?
Cashier: 23 pesos po.
Myself: dagdagan ko na lang, 22oz kasi yung nakuha eh...

Lesson of the story?

Well, doing what is right is giving honor and glory to God! It was not merely for me to feel na "mabait ako" and stuff like that, but rather more of a feeling na "God can see me, even if people (or the cashier for instance) is not aware of what happened..." and I could have gotten away from it easily kasi "petty thing" lang naman sya. But I remebered, there's no such thing as "petty sin", a sin is a sin! Walang category kung gaano ka-liit or gaano ka-laki. It's just amazing kasi I'm now able to do it.. I mean being honest, before I just go away with it lang. Ang misconception ko kasi nuon kay God is; He has this monitor over the world and He's watching over us at namimis-out nya yungb mga small details na kagaya nito. Akala ko dati malayo sya... yung ganun effect? Hehe...

One of the things God used to remind me of Him being OMNIPRESENT was the illustration of Martin Luther (the monk, as shared by P. Jon nung Monday) he was asked how do we live for God, and he answered "Live as though God's Face is near you,He sees everything that you do..." something like that! I forgot the 2-greek word of how he said it exactly pero ganun yung thought. At ayun na nga, sobrang God gave me the urge and the burden to act upon it, TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT and Honor and Glorify His name...

And I'm so proud of it! I'm so proud that it's not me, it's God, the one who continues to work in my life... I may fall short and sin pero andyan lagi Sya to make alalay and to forgive me on my mistakes...

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