Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love surprises!

Can I say that again? I so love surprises! As in... But then, syempre hindi ko naman ina-ask sa mga tao na isorpresa ako. Kaya ako na lang ang nag-plan nito for beloved:

*The moment he entered the room: napa-kamot ulo na lang sya dahil sa sorpresa.*
John's surprise birthday bash was planed more than a month before his actual birthday... And God really answered my prayer as everything, just as planned, fell into place. Sobrang blessed and favored ako (and of course kaming lahat na nanalangin for) that day!

Dear God, Thank You so much for this privilege of loving someone and being loved back just the same... For the joy You've given me while planning this in my head and for teaching me important lessons along the way... Thank You for the good weather! Thank You for everyone who helped me out in my preparations. Thank You for being present that night and for speaking to the hearts of the people... And thank You for Your affirmation of love through the love of everybody who came!

Marami pong salamat sa lahat ng tumulong para sa surprise birthday bash ni John! Sana wala akong nakalimutan:

  • Mich Lopez, for being my side kick and shock absorber sa lahat lahat ng excitement and for affirming me of what I'm doing. For buying the cake and for emceeing with JV.
  • Connect Core Group (Abe, Janet, Juli and Lea) kahit si Julie lang ang andun. Hehe. Salamat po sa prayers, moral support and sharing your blessings for the event.  Thank you also for your love sa aming dalawa ni John. 

*CONNECT peeps with Osie and P.Euge*

  •  Connect Agents' of Change (C.A.C), our Bible study group members: Ancore (for the balloons), Ann (for the preparation and for sharing your blessing), Lheng (for being present and willing to share her blessing),Oliv (prayers and support), Kinit (fresh from work, we missed you!)

*On their lunch break- SITEL peeps*

  • SITEL peeps: Sai, Mhay, Hermie, Sherwin, thank you for all the prayers and support and for John's birthday cake! For the rest of people from SITEL na kasamang humabol, thank you for the birthday card!
  • Other Connect people, JV (for showing up and being the emcee on the spot), Claire (also for showing up after quite sometime and for sharing your blessing)

*Mich and Jv with Ace leading the prayer*

  • Ace Pendon, for the prayers and for bring the Gospel Tracks c/o Campus Crusade for Christ.

*With our dear Mentor and "Tatay"*

  • Pastor Raul Caguin, for being such a loving mentor to us ni John, for you willingness to speak and proclaim the Good News that day and for all the prayers.
  • Pastor Jojo and Tita Vivian Lacanilao, our growth group's mentor, thank you for your love and prayers.

*MIS Net peeps while waiting for John (tagal kasi dumating eh!)*
  • MIS net peeps: Gene, Charles, Richard, Rowel, Faustus (along with his wife, Dianne), Jeff, Kai and Vane (John's colleagues) for being excited with me during the planning period and for making sure that John was not aware about the surprise while you communicate with each other and for being so gracious in sharing your blessing for his birthday and for loving him as your friend, really appreciate it!
  • Pajo  and  Osie, one of my closest newly wed friends, thank you for the support and prayers for us ni John!
  • Mang Boy, for being my buddy sa pamimili and for cooking almost all of John's birthday handa. Salamt po at sa uulitin! Hehe.

*Ate Alynna giving her birthday message to her "twin" brother.*

  • John's family: Ate Alynna (for being excited with me and for the Kitaro na napagsaluhan after the party), Ma Edith (for being supportive kahit na the day before lang ako naka-pamili. Hehe), Maezie (for documenting the event at di ko pa nahihingi copy nung video na yun!), Erwin and Jane with Chloe, Noel and Kate with Nikki (for being supportive and being there to celebrate! Sayang Kuya Gani, Ces and Jelo are in SG).

*Mama Edith and her gwapong anak*

  • Raya (my dear sister), for cooking her super duper sarap na carbonara.
  • Papa (my Dad) for being very willing in documenting and taking pictures, and i mean lots of pictures on that day... Thanks Pa for being our official and best photographer ever!
Allow me also to share this video, taken from my cellphone *pardon the quality*:

*Click here if you're unable to view it from here*

Like I said, sobrang nagulat si John, speechless at napakamot-ulo lang pagpasok sa room. At ako, sobrang ecstatic na excited na ninenerbyos na kinikilig sobrang thankful and all! Yung narining nyong loud laugh sa video? Hahaha! Ako yun! Hahaha ulet!

Here's some more pictures:

*Blow your candle love! Ü*

*Greeted by Tita Vivian and her husband Pastor Jojo*

*Message from a dear Mother*

*Nanginginig at umiyak ako nito. Drama ko tlaga! Hehe.Ü*
*Proclaiming the Good News!*

*Expressing our joy, gratitude to all the guests...and praise and honor to our Lord God...*

*Mae (the one holding a camera) is John's eldest niece*

*MIS Net peeps, (L-R): Richard, Charles, Gene, Rowel, Dianne and Faustus*
*The Velasquez Family*

*Group Picture yey! Si Papa wala dito pero may dala naman syang tripod. Hehe.*

*Bday Cake: Hatiin na nang makain na yan!*

So happy... Yes, he was so happy too!

Thank you all and thank You, God soooo much! Sa uulitin? Wahehehe!

At nga pala, John's text to me after the celebration was this:

Thanx uli 4 a wonderful weekend and a  very memorable bday. Love u. (",)



Janellyn said...

Awwww...shucks, napaluha ako sa kilig at tuwa (at inggit?!nyahahaha), Rajsh...hehe, kala mo ikaw lang madrama ha? Ako din. Especially on that very particular pic that you're giving him a message. Yung nakafocus lang siya sayo and no one but,you. Sobrang sweet yung scene na yun for me (na tipong at the back of my mind i was thinking, if there will be such guy like him who will someday just focus on me and magpa-ngalumbaba sa titig just to hear what I have and want to say). =)

You two are really a blessed couple. And i dunno how many times i already said this, but IM REALLY REALLY HAPPY FOR THE BOTH OF YOU and that I'm so glad nakilala ko kayo.

You two lovebirds are one of my greatest inspiration sa lahat ng bagay. Di niyo lang alam. Ngayon, alam niyo na. hehehe

Kisses and more blessings to you both!

Belated Happy Birthday, John! ^_^

Rajsh said...
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Rajsh said...

Thanks jha, very sweet of you dear!

Thanks be to God for His blessing that overflows...

Delight your self in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. -Psalm 37:4