Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thanking God

26th Rajsh - 08/25/10

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..." -Jeremiah 1:5

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." -Psalm 139:13-14

Today I'm officially 26 years old... It really is and has been a roller coaster ride but I'm loving it! Kasama ko si Lord eh... at Sya ang nagbibigay ng meaning sa buhay ko... So I really thank Him for His faithfulness to me over the past 25 years and for my 26th year on earth.

Happy new year to me!

Allow me to share to you the highlights during my special day:

Time stamp! I woke up as early as 3am (I've been sleeping since 1pm the previous day and nito lang ako bumangon from my bed.) Hehe.

Thanked God for almost everything... Hirap alalahanin ng lahat eh! Pero alam naman ni Lord lahat yun. Hehe.

Approached Him through His Word... I was moved, convicted, encouraged and challenged sa quiet time ko. See Jeremiah 42.

And then took my first picture as a 26yr old lady! Yey!

After enjoying time with Him, I prepared to leave and went to John (he lives in Quezon City while I live in Mandaluyong. Mga P150 max ang taxi fare ko. Yes, medyo malayo sya. Hehe). He's been sick since Monday and so I thought that I'd visit him and have breakfast with him here:

It's just few blocks away from their house. We've always wanted to have a date here, pero never natuloy until today. So yey! Nakakatuwa!

Remember I said in my post last month, na sa Maitre kami? Since malabo kaming matuloy, dahil nga sick si John, dito na lang. Di naman kami na-disappoint. Yeah! Check their site at:

Very satisfying ang aming experience. Super sulit. I super enjoyed our time and our food, and yes, the chocolate! Php350.00 lang ang total bill namin! John ordered french toast (chocolate dipped, syempre) with maple syrup, country sausage and fruits. I ordered mushroom omelette with toasted bread and fried large tomatoes.

Two hearts: Mine and John's (Wahehe! Angkinin ba?!).

Hahaha! Kulet nito!

Ako na pa-cute mode. Medyo madilim lang sa place at walang flash ang cellphone ko, sorry naman.

My beloved was not feeling well kaya sya walang gana mode.

Ako naman, hyper and excited for my day mode. Hehe.

After our breakfast date, we went back to their house and watched two movies (DVD) "Letters to God" and I forgot kung ano yung isa. Haha! Tamang Bonding time lang. Then after eating lunch with him sa bahay nila, I went to Ortigas to buy something for my bday treat that evening...

I was able to drop off in Makati late in the afternoon where my Kuya and Diko lives, to see, hug and kiss my pamangkins! Bumili ako ng ice cream for them and I gave kids loot bags (see the pics below later). At ang naging bonding time namin ng mga bata ay, ano pa? Picture taking! Hehehe!

With my eldest pamangkin, Iya.

Now with the sisters Dayaw and her ate Diwa.

Si Diwa po ay number one fan ni John. As in love na love nya si tito John nya... Kaya nung dumating ako ang bati nya sa akin ay: "betdey ni tito John?" Hahaha! Sabi ko: "hindi po, ako po may betdey!" LOL

Eto magkapatid din: baby Yari and her diko Kajel. I can't remember kung saan or kanino kami nakatingin nito! Hahaha! In fairness, uniform kaming tatlo. LOL.

With almost all of them (missing dito sina Dayaw, ewan bat di nakasama, si baby Kaya na kasalukuyang natutulog, at si Nonggie na nasa Laguna). I love them all! Kahit wala silang pakialam sa letrato, busy sila lahat. Hahaha!

After Makati, back to Ortigas uli ako. 5pm kasi ang call time ko with my Connect family for an early dinner treat. Medyo maaga kasi may mga pasok pa ang karamihan sa kanila that time. I was so blessed to have them join me and celebrate with me... I gave them small cards with personalized photos (na hindi ko pala nakunan ng picture) to express my appreciation to them. Nagulat sila kasi ako na daw ang may bday ako pa ang nagbgay ng cards. Hehe. I'm glad they liked it!

At syempre, eto ang ilan sa mga pictures namin:

This was an answered prayer. Hiniling ko kasi kay Lord na sana may bumili sa akin ng bday cake. Thanks to my Connect sisters! Effort yung candle, wala daw kasi silang mabili na number kaya hinugis na lang nilang 26, ahehehe! Hindi ko sya napansin until I saw the pic.

I really consider them a family, the Connect - Call Center Ministry. Thanks to the Pizzahut staff who took this. ;-)

Connect Ladies (L-R): Lea, Janet, Oliv and Mich (not in this pic: Anne, ang pinaka-last dumating).

With Connect Guys (L-R): Sai, John and Abe

A complimentary bday cake from Pizzahut. Unlike sa Pizzahut bistro na kinakantahan ang bday celebrant, dito they just gave it. Pero oks lang naman. I appreciate it. Saka sarap nung cake ha! Etong smile ko dito, signature smile ito ni John eh nagaya ko lang. Hehe.

My beloved was after the cherry, favorite nya kasi yun... Pero love, bat kailangan sinapian mode ka na naman?! Hahahaha!

With Strong. Pilit ang ngiti. Pero ganyan tlga sya ngumiti. LOL. Pinapunta ko sya kasi marami pang food! Hahaha! Eh pero, papunta rin naman sya Ortigas nun. LOL.

Now, with my Sister Haraya, who came in very late! Fresh from her finals. Hehe.

After this dinner, nagpasama ako kay John sa office, pumunta ako sa clinic namin para magpa-check up, sobrang sakit kasi ng left ear ko (will be posting a separate entry regarding that)...

At eto pala yung pinamili ko sa Rob Galeria:

My bday treat for my colleagues--- loot bags! At ang laman: old school goodies! Elementary pa ata ako nung huli akong kumain ng mga 'to... Hehe!

I was able to sort out total of 65 loot bags. Yey!

I enjoyed my sorting out moment, as in! Wala pa dito yung finished product nyan, gusto ko kasi personalized at medyo marami so it took a while bago ko natapos... Nakakarelax ang pag-sort out nito. Nakakaaliw! I'm excited how my colleagues would react upon opening this... Hehe. :-D

Ayun lang muna, like last year... I will work on updating this entry some other time for my birthday reflection. Pardon me at medyo bangag pa ako sa ngayon.

And oh...nasabi ko na ba? I'm now 26!!! Yehey!!!


Janellyn said...

Belated Heypi Birthday to you, my dear! You're so blessed! So happy for you! Glad you super enjoyed and documented your birthday. Muwah muwah! See you soon! =)

Rajsh said...

Thank You, Lord! =)

Thanks Jha... Mwuah mwuah mwuah!

Patricia said...

hope you had great birthday my friend. belated!

Rajsh said...

Yes indeed! Super enjoyed it...

Thanks sis! =)