Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am blessed

I thank you all for praying for me... Nakaka-bless ang aming Bible study yesterday! Praise His name and to Him be all the glory!

As the members were sharing insights and God's revelation to them sobrang ramdam na ramdam ko na buhay na buhay ang Panginoon sa life ng bawat isa... As in , WOW! It leaves me in awe and leaves me praising Him more and more...

I'm overwhelmed. I'm blessed.

Anyway, share ko na rin uli kung ano etong updates ng aming "Walk the Talk" Series study, from the Book of James:

1. James 1:1-4—consider it pure joy, let perseverance finish its work.
2. James 1:5-8—ask God for wisdom, when you ask you must believe and not doubt.
3. James 1:9-12—take pride in your high or low position.
4. James 1:13-18—we are tempted by our own evil desires, every good and perfect gift comes from God (so don’t blame God when you fall).
5. James 1:19-21—receive the Word of God; grab every opportunity to study the Word, do not be hasty to teach the Word if you don’t understand it, let it correct you.
6. James 1:22-25—do what the Word of God says; study the Word with the intention to obey.
7. James 1:26-27—abide in the Word of God; be consistent… live by the Word.
8. James 2:1-4—do not hold the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s glory, with any kind of partiality.
9. James 2:5-7—why favoritism contradicts the Christian faith.
10. James 2:8-11—taking partiality/favoritism seriously; it is a sin (illustration with adultery and murder), love you neighbor as yourself (your neighbor is someone that God brought in your path that is in need).
11. James 2:12-13—show mercy and compassion as we (Christians) are recipients of His compassion and mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment.
12. James 2:14-19—Trusting Christ as Savior + Following Christ as Lord = Faith that Works (genuine faith).

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