Friday, December 9, 2011

In everything, give thanks!

my signature in my outlook email at work :)
 Yesterday was just awesome!

I really felt God’s favor upon me… it was overflowing and I really thank Him for everything!

Thank You Lord, BIG time!!!

Let me start off with yesterday morning. I went over to John’s place before going to work for an errand I needed to finish for Connect. I left their place late than I should have. My travel time from their place requires a lot of allowance due to heavy traffic. (Anyone familiar in Caint-Ortigas Extension-C5 route? You know what I mean. Hehe).

Anyway, it was funny because I didn’t panicked. If you know me—alam mo kung gaano ako ka-panikera :). And that I think was God at work in me.

I left at around 8am; my work starts at 10am. I was praying that God would provide a way for me to make it on time at work because I know for sure that based on the normal traffic situation in that route, it is most probable that I’m going to be late.

I had two routes to choose from—either I ride a bus going to Ortigas and then from there ride another bus going to Ayala so I can drop off somewhere in EDSA and then walk to our office OR ride an FX going to Ayala and drop off somewhere in Kalayaan avenue and then walk going to our office. The later was much easier, less hassle and less stress on my part but the thing is, during rush hours it is sooooo difficult to get to an FX because it is always full, jampacked with fellow commuters...

But hey, I did mention that I prayed right? And God answered it! Just a few minutes of waiting and I got into an FX and I was so happy! Was really rejoicing! I thanked God because He knew I needed that FX ride. Wohoo! I was at peace with this thought in mind: the Lord provided an FX for me, I’m sure that He will not let me be late for work. Though I knew there would be another "obstacle course" that I would had to go through and that is no other than—TRAFFIC! But miraculously, it wasn’t that heavy and when the FX was in C5, it was smooth flowing! How good is our Lord? He is so good!

So I arrived at work 15 minutes prior to my schedule! Yehey! Praise Him, super duper blessed and favored! He knew how I hate being late at work. :)

And wait there is more; while I was walking I got a text from my beloved sharing his good news (that I couldn’t share yet) which made me rejoice more! Lord, You are so good to us, Your children!

And wait again there is more! Yesterday was our scheduled bidding for 2012 VL (vacation leave). It was a first come-first serve basis and only one analyst per day is allowed to go on a VL. I had my VL requests for the whole 2012 saved on my draft folder since last week (hehe. Yeah, I am that O.C.). Bidding starts at exactly 2pm. Four minutes prior to 2pm I was already in front of my outlook. I hit the clock in my pc so I could see how many seconds left for the time and then when it hit two o'clock—BOOM! I clicked on SEND button... and then few seconds after my Supervisor announced that my email was the first one to arrive in her inbox! Yehey!

When I received the reply of my Supervisor, everything got approved (well not everything actually, with the exception of December 25 because we can’t file a VL for any Philippine holiday as of yet since our function is volume driven). Anyway, the highlight of this particular favor from the Lord is this—my wedding and honeymoon VL was approved! Since I was the very first one to send the request I got every VL dates that I want! Super yahoo!

I thank Him for allowing me to make it as the first one to send because majority of my team mates also desired to plot VL on the same date as our honeymoon date. I also thank God that He enabled my team mates to understand why I needed those dates… Yihee!!! I’m just so excited for next year!!! Super happy!!!

Lord You are good and Your mercy endures forever… Super thank You dear God for these blessings!

Now today was not the same as yesterday. I came in late at work because I lost track of time, and then it was raining and because of that traffic in EDSA was heavier than the usual. But thank God that it didn’t ruin my day…

When I arrived at work, God had a surprise for me. When opened my email I saw another answered prayer, a BIG blessing and another favor from the Lord… Grabe! Until now, I couldn’t help but just rejoice and thank Him because He never fail to show Himself to be faithful to me. He knows that that “answered prayer” is going to be one BIG help for John and I as we prepare for our wedding… As in! But pardon me if I couldn’t share it here… Just please thank God for me and with me.

HE IS GOOD! GOD IS SO GOOD! I couldn’t ask for more…

How about you? What’s your thanksgiving item this week? How did God show You His faithfulness these past few days?

Happy Friday everyone! :)

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Anonymous said...

the idea of giving thanks in everything is hard to do. when pressed against a wall, how can we find the heart to thank God.of course it's easier to thank God for the good, when we are comfortable, when we are smooth sailing. we lose sight of who God is despite of. i don't thank God for life's tribulation, I thank Him because He is Lord and He is going to see me through.