Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Didn't realize it meant something until...

I received this e-mail about an hour ago. From a colleague:


Thank you for what you just did when you passed by my station.

Alam mo ba, prior to going here sa office, I passed by sa chapel malapit lang dito. Nakasara siya. I wanted to talk to God. Tapos dumating yung caretaker ng church, may kasamang mommy at kids.

Kinuha nung caretaker yung susi ng chapel. I felt na pinagbuksan ako ni God and He wanted to hear me out, listen to what I have to say.

During my short stay there, I prayed for Him to hug me kasi I am going through a phase of misunderstanding with ** ***. I feel burdened.

Ikaw yung sinned Niya to give me the hug I was asking for.

With that, thank you. Thank you. :)

And all I did was bumeso sa knya and greeted him good morning with a side-view hug (more of akbay actually).  It was just a usual routine for me... And yet, nakaka-amaze lang to learn how that simple act of courteousness made a difference, and how it brought a comfort from a burdened friend.

Thank You Lord for blessing me and making me a blessing to others even in small/little ways like this. :)

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