Monday, April 12, 2010

I love weekends!

I had a glorious, fruitful and empowering weekend...

And I really praise and thank You for that, my Lord!

Thank You so much!

- After my shift, I went to visit my older brothers (kuya and diko and their families. uhm, they live in one house) to check on our newest member of the family--- Mayari Sabio:

She was born April 3, 2010. She is so cute and looks like her older brother Kajel Sikat, girl version nga lang. Hehe. I had fun having breakfast with them and spending short chit-chat with Diko, Aque and Kuya Eric. Mama was there pala so sinama ko na rin sya pauwi sa Mandaluyong afterwards. I felt kind of disappointed lang cause Iya and Kajel wasn't there. Namiss ko mga pamangkin ko eh. But I get to see Diwa and Dayaw na parehong tulog na tulog pa when I arrived. I love them all! Hehe. Thank You for that chance Lord!

- That night, 6pm, my small group was scheduled to meet for mentoring session with Pastor Jojo Lacanilao and his wife Tita Vivian. It serves as our series break in studying the book of James. We had a wonderful mentoring session that night. Our topic was about the different types of personalities (sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic) it was affirming, encouraging and challenging for all of us. Affirming in a sense that, ayun ganun nga pala tlga kami wired! Encouraging in a sense that indeed it is not wrong to be different as we are all created uniquely. Challenging in a way that, since we have become aware of the differences in each persons paano kami mag-a-appear na humble at hindi magmayabanag sa labas ng church that we know it, challenge kung paano namin isasabuhay yung "pag-intindi" sa mga nakakasalamuha namin everyday. But all in all, sobrang nakaka-bless yung time namin! So, thank You Lord... Meron pa kaming merienda courtesy of our mentors and Kiko (<--sa kanyang pagbabalik. Hehe).

- Started the day right and spent quality time with Him. I am back in my Bible reading! I'm going through Corinthians now. So blessed how He is speaking and revealing Himself to me through His word.

- Thank You, Lord for a wonderful sermon that morning; oh how You spoke and dealt with my heart through the message of Pastor Larry. Thank You for Pastor Raul for listening to my cry and praying for me after service.

- Thank You for our sumptuous CONNECT lunch fellowship! For ate Lea's ginisang ampalaya with egg and fish steak (na medyo napa-alat. hehe), for all the testimonies of Connect people na sobrang nakaka-encourage, and energy booster talaga! For bringing Marc and Kiko back.

- Thank You for the divine appointment with Dr.Elroi and indeed that was a glorious time! Thank you for orchestrating everything, You are truly in full control! Nakakabless ang aming chit-chat and coffee bean moment.

- Thank You for a short and sweet bonding time by ourselves ni John and how You have been blessing our relationship for Your own glory. It is humbling and an honor to serve our King.

Love to thank You! Love to love You! Let me hug You, Lord...

..oh, and yeah, I MISS BLOGGING! ;-)

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