Friday, August 28, 2009

The Greatest Love of All

"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."' -1 John 4:10

Even prior to attending the Singles' Conference and more so after the event-- I have been pondering a lot about being consumed with the wonderful truth that: JESUS LOVES ME!

Allow me to share to you some of my random and personal notes on Love Matters: More Than Just Romance singles' conference retreat...

Remarks by Dr. Luis Pantoja
- Romans 13:8-10
- Love is more than just romance, it is indeed a command.

"Passionate Love for God" by Mr. Dennis Lim
- Matthew 22:37-40
- Commandment is a directive; it was given by God for the good of His people
- John 3:16
- 1 John 4:8
- 1 John 5:3
- For God to be your god, you must be close to Him.
- How much is being asked from me? The answer is: all my heart, soul and mind. Or in other words, ALL OF ME!
- The world tells us to love ourselves but the Bible tells us to die to ourselves.
- It is in knowing God that we can get to obey Him and enjoy it!
- Jesus prayed and so should we.

Message by Dra. Aurorita "Yoyit" Roldan
- Whole Person includes:
Self + Others + Work + Play + World + Spirituality = WELL BEING

"Live to Love, Love to Live" by Atty. Marc-Fabian Castrodes
- Joshua 1:8
- When Atty Marc asked few people what "success" is, I worte this: It is when I am doing or have done what God wants me to do. It is being at the center of His will.
- We all have different definition of "success".
- Love is the secret to prosperity and success.
Love and anger are extremes of the "same" feelings.
- 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
- Lack of trust is when: you want to do it all. It shows that you don't trust the people you are working with.
- There is a difference between denial and overlooking: You are in denial when you cover the conflict/sin. You are overlooking when; there is conflict/sin and yet you choose to forgive.
- As much as possible, live at peace with everyone.
- Romans 5:8
- A life that is not lived with love is a life that you will not love to live.
- When it is hard to love, be patient! Be patient with God, with yourself and with others.
- There is love and stability in a life that is so secure in God.
- Be consumed with God's love!

Most of these thoughts I have shared to my Buzz Group members (see our picture below) and also with my Connect family and because nga I want to be just consumed with His love, I am sharing all of these now.

Grabe, I can't help but be amazed... Jesus loves me this much:

(I draw this while Pastor Lito Villoria was giving his message during the last day of the retreat)

And so as a commitment, by His grace, I will:

"Love the Lord my God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind and with my strength... And love my neighbor as myself."

And of course, here are some photos:

On the way to Rizal: Our bus ride picture

Day 1: With Christy

With Sai

My team mates finding marbles at the pool

With my daughter, Elise

With my beloved

Sai, power napping (LOL), kami po kasi ay mga puyat from our friday shift...

Eto pa isa si Kuya Abe (LOL ulet)

Day 2: during our free time

Now with Summer Parcon (who "interviewed" us)

My Buzz Group members: Bham. Lou, Karen, Faye and Devy

Supposedly, with P.Mau lang dapat, pero sumama sila Pajo and Joan oh!

No, I'm not in fornt of a mirror, Christy took this one (LOL)

Trip-trip lang namin!

But I see here a picture of oneness and unity in Him and for Him!

Poser mode ng mga Connect people

Kasalukuyang natutulog na nito si Lheng

Sweethearts: Lance and Elise

Day 3: John won the MVP award (super athletic love ko)

Eto kumpleto kami: Abe, Syrus (top), Lheng, Christy, John and Me (bottom)

With Lheng naman

If you're my multiply contact, I will post more pictures at some other time. You can also view our blogsite at: for more pictures.

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