Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Five Love Languages

I had just finished reading the book. And like what I said in my text brigade few weeks ago-- I highly recommend this book! Galing-galing!

Allow me to quote what Dr. Gary Chapman, the author, said on the final chapter:

"Just identifying and speaking a person's love language strengthens a relationship, not doing this can leave a friend or a loved one feeling as if you do not love him or her. When people do not convey love in a way that is perceived as love, their efforts, though sincere, are somewhat wasted. This can be frustrating for both giver of love and the intended recipient. You may have unknowingly been guilty of speaking a "foreign" love language in the past to someone you loved. Understanding the concept of love languages can help you know how to effectively express your feelings so that they are received and interpreted as you mean them to be."

The book does not focus on romantic relationships alone but in all human relationships, as in ALL!

I learned that I speak of the Five Love Languages and amazed to have figured out I have two Primary Love Languages na nag-tie ang score sa Love Language Profile. And most importantly his insights are Biblical kahit medyo may cultural differences since American ang approach and market nya. Nevertheless, I recommend this book, a must read! Hehe.

Special thanks to Sam Zipp, the one who gave the book.

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