Friday, June 6, 2008

"Will do..."

I was just speaking with a homeowner few minutes ago and she was telling me she is on a financial bond because of unemployment and that she is still looking for a job...

I told her then I will refer her (or connect her call over) to the Home Owner's Assistance Department for payment options... As a protocol before ending the call we need to make sure that the customer's needs have been met and so I asked "is there anything else that I may assist you with before I connect you?" and she said "no, just pray!" and heard myself promptly responded "Will do then... thank you for calling chase and stay on the line, I will connect your call..."

I'm somewhat amazed... I do not normally "witness" boldly when I'm on the phone as part of our Company's policy not to mix business with "religion" (or "faith" may I say) but then after the call I examined and asked myself "did I really mean that when I told her 'will do...'?"

So now I'm praying...

"Dear Lord, may you be the One to provide for Ms. Crane's need and lead her to a good paying job that she may be able to pay her mortgage and keep her credit in good standing. I pray You will use this experience for her to be closer to you... This I commit in Jesus' name, amen..."

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