Monday, June 23, 2008

Beautiful Storm

I was (or may I say-- we were) so amazed on how God intervened and used the storm for us to settle things over... It was so funny but so gracious of Him that He worked on cancelling all or our appointments that day just for us to talk...

We poured our hearts (and hurts) out to each other... We prayed together... And personally, I felt so relieved, ang gaan-gaan ng pakiramdam ko (kahit ang sakit nung pagkakasuntok ko sa sarili ko, hehe!)... And like I said, I now know better where you are coming from. Praise the Lord for that! Indeed it is so important to hear other people's side and to add the thought that I (or sige na nga WE) have to "consider others better than yourself" para maggaan ang lahat... Even if we missed three of our members, we were able to settle and reconcile major issues, and again praise the Lord for that!

Lord You are good and Your mercy endures forever! Looking forward for more beautiful "storm" that brings wonderful "rainbow"

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