Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Item of Praise and Thanksgiving

This was part of my Supervisor's email to our Team... An item of praise and thanksgiving! To God be the glory!

Kudos to our CSAT QUEEN : SANBINI SABIO for having 100% CSAT for R3M !!! Great job, Rajsh! Keep it up!"

sent: 12/05/2007 04:39 AM

Chase Customer Care Supervisor
Prime Home Loan Servicing

CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Survey is done every week. The homeowners you have spoken with and assisted 2 weeks ago will be called by a third party (doing the survey) and will be asked how you've been as a Customer Care Professional; in terms of Attitude, Explanation, Confidence, Tone and Overall Satisfaction with service provided by you and your Company.

It's a weakness for me when I was just starting with Chase, because I was never conscious of how my CSAT Score (or even how I stand in my stats) was with my previous Call Center that I'm used of being on the average level lang. I was never the competitive type of Rep/Agent. Queber ko ba, that's how I view it. As long as I'm getting paid well, that was enough for me.... Until Chase Home Finance came in my life, it changed my outlook and perspective on my CSAT and my overall stats... Hmp!

I could have never done it on my own... aside from the people who I gather strength and encouragement from (mga pinakamamahal kong sila Sager at Mike) I owe it to God! "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

He taught me to just leave it up to Him, submit to His will, acknowledge His presence at work while taking calls, and nothing could go wrong. And it worked! amazingly it did, since September my score never went below 100%, I mean there are still tough times, and human as I am, I still fall into temptations of giving in with the anger triggered by an irate caller... But with His grace, survive naman! PTL!

And I can only say THANK You Lord for this CSAT. Even if I think I do not deserve it, I still am very grateful(sino ba namang hindi, hehe). Praise be to God indeed!

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