Sunday, December 30, 2007

mixed emotions

(Here is an excerpt from my prayer journal, I was somewhat feeling weird when I wrote this, sabi ko nga "mixed emotion" ako nito... Wala lang just wanna share...)

"Lord... I am very happy... but at the same time there's a part of me na natatakot. Scared in a sense na I might get too attached... na baka dumating yung time na masaktan ako for whatever reason na hindi ko po alam kung ano... So Lord I am lifting up to You my... May it be that as we grow closer to each other and learn from our experiences, we would also learn more of You! That the lessons we have learned and will learn may serve as a rebuke, an encouragement for us three. I pray that You cleanse us and continue to teach us to pursue righteousness and holiness. May it be Lord God that you teach us to be disciplined in terms of... May it be that we would truly hold accountable for one another... Bast po Lord, bottom line is kayo po ang bahala sa amin! Rule over this friendship..."

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