Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I hate him...

There's just too many things I wanted to write about, why in the world at eto pa? Heck, I don't know...

I just arrived at work when I opened my lotus notes and BOOM! Eto ang bumungad sa akin:

"Its been more than a pleasure working with you guys, wish me luck on my never ending search for the meaning of life!
I wish you all the best things in life as well. Adios! God Bless!"

sent: 11/06/2007 09:50 PM

I was like, "Whaaatttt???? True pala tlga yon? Akala ko joke lang... Huhuhu!" I hate him... I hate goodbyes...

Hindi ka man lang nagpaalam ng personal? You didn't even kiss me goodbye?! I hate you Jei... hmp! Pag nakita kita pakalat-kalat humanda ka tlga sa akin! You still owe me a breakfast date dude! Hahaha... Yun pala ang habol ko??

Anyways, sige na nga, It's been also a pleasure working with you. I had fun exchanging emails with you. You never knew it but you made me smile. Thank you for the simple things you did for me, especially when I asked you to come to 12th floor (even if your station is at the 31st floor) because I was crying and I needed a friend, someone I can make sumbong to and someone that could give me a hug. Salamat talaga ng marami kapatid! Thank you din sa pakikinig when I was spiritually high, na kahit na you rejected what I was talking about, you were still patient enough to hear it, kahit na napikon na ako syo. Hehe. You are in my prayers, you have always been (since that spiritual high emails). Hah! Kala mo ha..

So paano? See you when I see you... Maliit ang mundo! Ciao!

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jë¡ ķůņ said...

hahahaha! matagal na kong bayad sa breakfast remember? Shakeys?

anyways.. I just be round the corner. Ingat ka lagi..