Wednesday, August 22, 2007

prayer items for the family

* for Papa, discernment on God's plan for his life, to completely surrender it all to HIM, and to become more like HIM.

* for Mama, strength as she struggle with Papa's spiritual battle, more patience and wisdom in discernment of God's will for her life and for the family.

* for Kuya and Mira, to learn how to make God the center and focus of their relationship, be patient and be strong for one another and to build up a family that looks up to God, good health as they provide for their family's needs, to be good parents for Diwa.

* for Diko, ICT-GMAC career, to have that heart in seeking God's kingdom and righteousness.

* for Raya, a heart that is always ready to learn, to rely on you more and more, spiritual strength, struggle with non-believing friends, her back-thigh-muscles pain.

* for Strong, to seek God's kingdom, to have the heart to go back to school and finish his studies, spiritual growth as he involve himself to the ministry in gcf, to learn how to honor god with his body.

* for Vishnu, use us (raya, majar and myself) to introduce him to your kingdom, teach us all to show him how he is loved and that he is part of the family, for his studies as he will enter college next year.

* for Majar, preparation for 2nd semester, God's provision for the funds to use for his enrollment, spiritual growth, and his involvement in the youth ministry.

* for Aque, to know god through us, and to be a good mom to Iyah and Nonyi

* for the kids (Iyah, Nonyi and Diwa) to be a child of God with guidance coming from us!

* and for myself, to be used by God in (somehow) leading and pointing the family to Christ for that "better life" I have longed for...

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