Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my family!

exluding Kris (our am-boy cousin) this is my family... and when i say "my family" ibig sabihin lang nun kasama ko sa bahay... hehe! we have a big family because we are composed of 7 sibblings... it's just the three of us (myself, raya and majar) who share the apartment...

it's has been 3months since we moved in separately and lived an independent life (naks!) i feel so proud and blessed to have them with me in one roof... we are able to grow more mature together and it's just so amazing how God worked in our life... or may i say, in our lives!

i can still remeber when i was younger (like mga 6 or 7yrs ago) i used to pray and asked God for "better life". yun kasi yung mga panahong wala kaming kinakain, napupultulan kami ng ilaw, napapalayas sa inuupahang bahay, at medyo nahihiya sa mga unpaid debts ng mga magulang namin... all along i thought that "money" and food to eat everyday will be the answer to my prayer... pero hndi pala! that's why God allows the same experience to happen over and over again, kasi nga He knows better! it was just recently that i realized that the "better life" pala is growing close to Him. and that's where we are right now (kaming tatlo!) and i've been pryaing na sana yung iba ko pang mga kapatid... makita rin nila how wonderful it is to be close to God and become more like Him each and everyday... it was just recently that i realized that all i needed to do in the first place was to put my trust in Him and seek his kingdom and his righteousness first... at ayun na nga!

amazingly... i can see that little by little God has been answering my prayers for that "better life" i have longed for long ago...

and i am just left in AWE! praise God for the might works of His hands!

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