Tuesday, August 14, 2007

one week to go!

this would be my final week on a 10/4 schedule! yehey! wohoo! after more than 3mos of suffering from pain... naks! OA! ayun finally, by next week i'll be on a regular 8/5 schedule. my shif will start from 11:30PM and will end by 8:30AM (manila time). with Saturday-Sunday off.

it has been such a challenge to work on a 10/4 schedule... i never thought I'll survive from it! but praise God because I've learned a lot from the experience and it was one of the reasons why i became active in attending a growth group in GCF (iyacies, every Thurs 7pm). it was indeed a blessing in disguise.

for sure i will be missing this schedule... pero for sure mas relaxed ako sa regular 8hrs of taking calls! and good thing that my prayer to get a mid-shift was answered as well para maka-attend pa din ako sa iyacies...

ayun lang! haayyy... queueing kami ngayon! there are 35 calls waiting... at naka-break ako... wohoo! nakakapagod!

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