Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm turning 23!

August 25, Saturday will be my birthday! and my gosh, i'm turning 23! and i can not believe it... until now i feel like i'm 21, i kind of feel like na-stuck ako sa age na yun! that sometimes when people would ask me "how old are you?" i would have to stop and think before i give my answer "uhm... i'm 22!" haha! silly of me... i really don't know why pero it always happen!

but now that my "new year" is getting near... i feel like age is just numbers! but i praise God and thank him because HE indeed changed me... HE changed my heart... and it was all for goodness sake! i'm at this point where a am so overwhelmed and overjoyed because i have grown more closer to Him. and i am just so excited for the coming days of my life... of my journey!

on the lighter (and mushy side) nakakatouch na nakakahiya na ipinost ni p.jon sa iyacies blog yung birthday ko... hehe! the picture above you may visit at double celebration nga naman kasi our brother Amos Lim will fly back to his home country Malaysia next week. at ayun na nga, naka-announce na din na magpapakain ako! haha! so wala na akong kawala nito...

haaayyy... wala lang! i'm just so happy right now! and i give back all the glory to GOD!

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