Thursday, May 28, 2015

Physically Tired

I feel so tired and I feel like I owe a debt to myself in terms of quality rest. L

I realized for this month, I’ve been actively involved in the ministry, and I mean more active than the usual… which I enjoyed and I’m grateful to God for, for the opportunities given to me serving Him and His people! From the youth camp on April 30 to May 3, then Connect Agents’ Day on May 16 and then Connect Leaders’ Retreat last weekend, May23-24. Hataw na hataw lang ang peg ko. Hehe. I love it! But I think because of my age (yuck ang tanda ko na!) and because of having to deal with vertigo, I feel very, very tired!

To the point that, I feel like sleeping longer and not go to work. Hahaha! J Pero hindi pwede, dahil sa vertigo ko na umubos ng leaves ko first quarter pa lang ng taon na ito, I cannot afford to file leaves kundi ma-sa-sacrifice ko mga ganap ko sa mga susunod na buwan.

Haaay… What to do?

Lord, allow me to rest in You and kahit na struggle din ang pag enjoy ko sa quiet time ko everyday this week, I pray that You’ll still open my heart and mind to Your word and enable me to obey You wholeheartedly. And sana Lord wala kami pasok on June 12, para maka-rest ako… J

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