Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Going Back

Today, I realized I want to go back blogging my thoughts and feelings!

I want to go back kahit na mas madali mag-express ng sarili (as easy as on touch or one click) at mas maraming “audience” sa facebook. Baka kasi masyado na ako nag-e-enjoy sa mga LIKES and comments to the point na baka yun na ang pinaka motive ko—to get attention to myself.

And so here I am, going back on being on low profile. Naks!

Sorry my dear blog, I have neglected you for few years now but I will try my very best to be intentional in updating you more often starting today. A lot of things happened and the thing is, I do not know where to start. Nyahahaha!

For now, here are few things that I’ve been up to:

1.       Early this year, I turned over the growth group leadership of Connect-B.G.C. (formerly Connect-Taguig) to my brother in Christ, Alex Manipon. It’s been both a joy and a struggle. JOY – because finally, a man has stepped up and has taken over the leadership. As how God designed it, lalake talaga dapat ang leader. Paul said in scripture that he does not permit a woman to have authority over a man. And yun ang pinaka basis namin why we both agreed and prayed for him to take over the leadership of our growth group. STRUGGLE – because since I led the group from the start, it’s not easy for me to totally let go of the leadership.  That there are still instances that I tend to be too controlling over Alex. Which I know very well that I shouldn’t be doing. It’s in my nature to lead and yes, have authority over a man especially when I know na I’m ahead of him in terms of my relationship with the Lord BUT I’m working on, by God’s grace, toning down and just be his back up help so he can continuously step up and really fulfill his role as my leader. Mahirap kaya sya struggle pero I know naman God is at work, kailangan ko lang maging “in step with the Holy Spirit” para less sablay. One of the things I’m very grateful for is that Alex is very patient and very humble. I do not deserve his patience and grace but he is the way he is and I thank God for that. I’m praying that the Lord will find me faithful in really stepping down, totally letting go and completely trusting HIM as He leads Alex to lead us in our growth group.
2.       Also for this year, I have been given the wonderful privilege of leading a youth growth group. At first I was scared because I have no proper trainings in dealing with teen agers BUT by God’s grace and according to the four young ladies who are part of my Y-Group, they are enjoying my company. I do not know why and how, all I know that it is because of God’s grace that I manage and managing to relate with them. The members of my Y-Group are Bethel, Shane, Arielle and Iris all are half my age! Nyahaha! Lakas maka-oldie feeling! But I love them all; they are the ones who bring so much joy in my heart these days. I’m praying that God will continue to enable me to lead and usher them to Himself alone. Ang take ko sa pagbibigay sa akin ni Lord nitong new role na ito ay parang He’s given me a second chance to be better. Na yung mga sablay ko in the past towards my GG members, with my disciples, hindi ko na magawa this time around. I pray I wouldn’t blow this "second chance."
3.       January this year, I celebrated my 8th year anniversary with my employer, JP Morgan Chase Bank. If I have blogged last year around December I would have written here that I want to resign na. Like I said, marami na ang nangyari… But now, I’m still with Chase. Although I’m looking forward na for this year, it will be my last year na. Still praying for God’s wisdom and provision if He will allow me to leave the corporate world to pursue a different career which is the next item.
4.       My disciple-Sister in Christ-accountability partner and I will be partnering on an online business. We will be selling clothes in Instagram anytime soon! If you have an IG account, please follow us @sistersinchristmnla and watch out for beautiful pieces for your OOTD. Our motto (hashtag) will be #ModestyIsOur Policy and for now, yan muna ang details. Hehehe.

And it feels good to be able to share few updates about myself here. More to come sa mga susunod pang araw! Let’s do this Rajsh!

Thank You Lord for this! J

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