Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Moira Celestine

Last Sunday, August 4, 2013, I was invited by my GAWAD best friend, Mari, to be one of the ninang (god-mother) to her second child, Moira Celestine. It was a special occasion indeed! I met her son, Gavin, for the first time, met her parents and sister again after more than 10 years and got to spend time of catching up with my other GAWAD friends Kuya Arjay, Jaycz, Ate Macris and Kuya Remil.

And allow me to share with you some highlights that day:

It was held in San Isidro Labrador, Parish church in Calauan, Laguna. Where Mari and Richard got married. Calauan is Mari's hometown. 

The Chua family: Kuya Gavin (not looking), Richard, Mari and baby Moira (she was asleep all throughout)

It was a batch of babies being baptized so there were a number of them that the priest had to "bless" one by one. It's my first time in a long time to be a ninang and witness this kind of baptism.

Ate Macris touching baby Moira's head. I do not know what that symbolizes though.

And she is still asleep. 

Kuya Gavin smiling as Papa takes his picture. While baby Moira still sleeping, deadma to the world lang! Hehe.

And then the family and us ninongs and ninangs were called to got to the front for the actual baptism of baby Moira. Since this is a batch baptism, it did not take long before we went back to where we were seated. Ambilis talaga. 

Candle lighting. Again, I do not know what this symbolizes.

Yes, still asleep.

The priest then told us to put off the light on the candle. Here's Richard about to do so.

Family picture!

Here's the ninongs, ninangs and visitors. Kami ang pinaka-madami. Hehe.

With Ate Macris and Jaycz. Thanks Kuya Arjay for this shot! :)

Reception was held at the parents of Mari's house. 

Here are more photos of baby Moira still sleeping after all the commotion around her and even after her change of clothes. Hehe. 

With ninang Jaycz, who knows how to carry an infant properly as she is a nurse by profession. Ikaw na sis! Hehe. 

Isn't that baby girl so cute? Sarap ng tulog oh!

Here's Kuya Remil and Ate Macris.

The love birds. Need I say more? I can see it in your eyes you two! *whatever* Haha!

And then here's us: Kuya Arjay, Jaycz and myself.

At wala pala kaming picture ni Mari sa camera ko. 

Anyway, it was fun seeing all those folks! my good friends for 10 years now whom I do not see a lot these days. Special occasion such as this is indeed a very good excuse to travel back to my home province, Laguna to see them! Until next time!


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