Saturday, September 7, 2013

Humbling me

God is humbling me. 

Someone is mad at me because (I think but I am not sure if it is the reason) the person doesn't agree with how I go about in leading our growth group and because of things I have said that was offensive in one way or another to the person. The humbling part about this is that the attitude of the person actually reminds me of my own attitude when I feel the same (mad / angry / irritated) towards someone. 

So God is now teaching me to respond in love, in patience, grace, compassion and in meekness. And it is not easy, specially the meekness part as I was told (by the person) of things I never thought I would hear from the person. 

I am hurting, yes, that's given. But I do not disregard the fact that this is nothing that is out of the control and sovereignty of God, so I will do as it pleases Him. It is hard but I know that it is possible by His grace.

I know sooner or later we will be okay again in His time and according to His will. I know that He wants harmony among His children. So I leave it up to Him and pray, and trust that He is working everything for our good because we belong to Him and we are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). 

"May Your will be done, Father... That in all these, Your name alone be glorified. Amen."

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