Wednesday, July 31, 2013

His first birthday as my husband

At first, I did not plan to surprise him but then I thought, this year should be very special because it is his first birthday as a husband! Hahaha! Well, actually para lang may ma-i-rason lang ako. Gusto lang talaga ang nangsosorpresa. Hehe. 

Anyway, sharing few highlights during my dearly beloved hubby's birthday (July 23)

The surprise happened that morning, I invited few chosen men, some of which he is currently discipling and the rest are members of our growth group, to come to our house before he arrives from work (he works at night) to celebrate with him through a mini men's fellowship.

It was a wonderful time! It wasn't just food that was shared but testimonies of how God's been faithful to His men! The men also affirmed John through encouraging words on how God is using him to lead them closer to Him and then we prayed for the birthday boy! Such a blessed time!

Then later that evening, we had our date! We went to eat dinner at Mom and Tina's in Makati then watched Pacific Rim in Greenbelt. Below are the photos of our sumptuous dinner:


We loved the food! it was so sulit for Php940.00, we were so full and really satisfied.  Did you notice how big the steak was? Ay grabe talaga! Hehe. John had medium well lamb chops while I had fettuccine with sea food with sun dried tomato pesto.  We will definitely go back for another date there. 

And so it was indeed a "success" surprise birthday bash! He had a very happy birthday! I'm glad he felt very special on his special day! Next year ulet my love! Hehe! Mwuah! :)

Thank You, Lord for special occasion as this! Thank You for Your provision. 



Clark de Guzman said...

You were in dela rosa that day ? Hehe

Rajsh Sabio-Velasquez said...

Yes Clark, we were. :)