Monday, April 16, 2012

Spa Date

Spent a time of relaxation with my dear Raymarie at Excelsior Spa yesterday in Robinson's Galleria.

We enjoyed it ng soooobra! Thank God for His provision that we were able to enjoy our time together...

I personally, really love spa! I always go to Excelsior because I am satisfied with their service. I love the fact that they have a sauna bath, shower and locker area and then the massage, is just right! Sulit naman for Php450.00 (Friday to Sunday) and Php400.00 (Monday to Thursday).  Perfect for girls bonding moment!

This was my first time to treat someone I'm discipling ng ganito... Usually kasi eat out lang! Hehe. I'm glad she enjoyed it as much as I did! And she told me she needed that, so sakto pala!

So here are our very few photos to share with you:

Raymarie with her locker key... #3 ba yan or #34? lol

Ready for the sauna!
And yes, that's all folks ang pictures! Very few nga di ba? Sorry I didn't took lots of photos... Relaxation nga di ba? Hehehe!

Anyway, hope you had a wonderful weekend yourself! Bukas, balik work na uli ako...

Good night and God bless us all! :)

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