Friday, April 6, 2012

My jacket

I was given this jacket at work because of my five year tenure. Hehe. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with this... and kahit naman walang kahit ano ang ibigay sa akin ang employer ko I'm still good. The fact that I belong to this company (for five years and counting) is a big blessing from the Lord na!

Anyway, just a quick post... How do you like my jacket? :p

Personalized syempre... pero gusto pa ring hiramin ng sister ko regardless! lol

Proud to be here in JPMC!

Do I look happy or what? Hahaha!
So, how are you doing friends?

Sorry if I've been too busy updating this blog. I wanted to write/share something about how the Lord's been working in my life and a "holy week" related post sana kaso kulang oras ko sa ngayon... :(

'Til next na lang! God bless!

...thanks again to my bro Sai for taking my vanity photos! :p


Anonymous said...

wow! ang ganda! i love it! sana ako din! pero gusto ko kulay blue tapos may anime design! =)

Anonymous said...

congrats! happy 5 years! many more years to come! =)