Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who can satisfy?

This was an old (and cherished) text message from my Beloved John:

"God is indeed a trinity.  Because in the one Godhead there exists in eternity a community in loving relationship.  Since we are created according to His likeness, we long for relationship as well.  I'm thanful that He gave you to me so I can enjoy with you a lifetime of loving relationship."

Amen to that!

But this was what the Lord reminded me today: No human relationship will ever satisfy the deepest longing of my heart and soul. And so He played this song for me:

♪ Who can satisfy my soul like you
Who on earth can comfort
And love me like You do
Who could ever be more faithful true
Who can satisfy, who can satisfy like you

There is a fountain Who is a King
Victorious warrior and Lord of everything
My rock my shelter my very own
Blessed Redeemer Who reigns upon the throne...♪

I love You, Lord! Thank You!

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