Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farewell baby!

Mike and I went to NAIA this morning para ihatid ang aming Baby Sager na lilipad papuntang Dubai (where she and her husband will live..for good...?).

I will miss you my dear Sager... I know we've been physically apart naman because I'm in Net plaza and you're in Philam Life building. Nevertheless, the thought that you are leaving makes me really sad. And I'm sure si Mike din! Our trio is now incomplete...

But like I said, I'm also very happy for you that finally you'll be with Puto, your dear husband! And I'm very sure you are super excited! Hehe.

Keep in touch ha? And keep checking on my blog!

I love you and I will be on praying for you... I hope you like the book I gave you! Make use of it as it has changed and still changing my life.

Don't forget Him as well. He's been so good and gracious. I know you know that!

Ayun lang. Drama. Tama na!

And as promised... The highlights below:

Calling her when we arrived
There she is!

Sager with Mike na nanlibre uli ng breakfast! Hehe
At sumama na ako sa letrato

Model ng mga inorder nila

my hug says: I will miss this girl!

Sager, sobrang pa-cute ka dear! haha

My farewell gift : the book Love and Respect and my fave lip balm

Her passport, naks Villaruel na! 

With her College Best Friend

Oh kami naman!
Tried out our shades (Mike's and mine)

*more to come!

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