Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I feel like a halo-halo...

As in mixed... EMO...

-I am in denial, for some reason... Ayokong tanggapin ang katotohanan. I don't (or tama bang sabihin I choose not to) understand you. I would like to believe that we do not speak the same language, and that is why you do not know where I am coming from and same with me... Hindi ko malaman where you are coming from, I am saying something and you are interpreting it the opposite, hehe! How come? Nakakainis at nakakalungkot lang na there has not been any opportunity for us to talk, as in real talk para ma-settle lahat pero... Pero, pero, pero--- the Lord has (a different?) plan! And I just leave it up to Him. For the record-- iniyakan kita kagabi... Na-mimis din kasi kita eh!

-I am so tired and pretty, I fell like I'm going to be sick. Nagbabadya ata ang sipon at headache that might lead to flu... Waaaahhh! Ayoko pero parang gusto ko na rin! Hehe. Hindi ko pa nagagamit ang SL ko, in fairness... Lord, Kayo na ang bahala.

-I am a li'l bit annoyed, our online letter tool is still unavailable at wala pang notice kung kelan sya maayos. Sobrang mano-mano kami gumawa ng letter for the past few days, super prone to mistake and it's eating so much time and whew, affecting our productivity. Good thing people are there to pray with me and for me(I know you know who you are!), they remind me of God's soveriegnty kahit ganito ang estado namin sa office. Salamat sa inyong lahat, sa mga encouragement and all!

-I am inspired, falling inlove with HIM more and more! I am thankful how the inspiration He has been giving me is so evident (that is according to majority of people I'm with most of the time) in my countenance. Hehe. Blooming daw oh? Wahaha... At sa aking vitamins, you just don't know how much I appreciate you and thank the Lord for you.

-I am excited, July 25, Aug 1, and Aug 19-25 vacation leave! I just can't wait! Two fridays akong naka-leave two weeks from now. Planning and thiking of going out on a date and then will be seeing Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio sa Ultra! Then here SG trip na. Waaaahhh! I'm just so excited!

-I am missing you, 4 weeks pa ata bago ka bumalik from the States. This is the first time na nawala ka ng super tagal (since we started our discipleship last year). And everytime I remember that you are not here, medyo nalulungkot ako. Para akong batang iniwan ng nanay! Hehe. But anyway, I'm looking forward to see you again first week of Aug! And yeah, I just can't wait because I am sooo missing you!

-I am thankful, the Lord is ever faithful and so good to have provided for our everyday needs. Despite of the ongoing pagtaas ng mga bilihin, nakaka-survive pa rin kami. At kahit na medyo nakaka-worry talaga ang mga pagbabadya pang pag-taas ng pamasahe, He never fail to give me peace and calm the "about to" rage storm in me. So again, thank You my God! My great provider...

And the halo-halo moment goes on... Makadaan nga ng chowking later! Hehe! :D

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