Monday, March 5, 2012

Shared our blessings!

Just a quick post on how my Sunday went...

GCF-Connect peeps with the (soon-to-be) GCF Southmetro Call Center Ministry. :)

Kuya Abe, Jem and myself were invited by my mentor, Teacher Carol Felipe to share our testimonies in GCF-Southmetro (Las PiƱas) as they held a Call Center lunch fellowship.  We share how GCF-Connect started, how we grew in numbers, what were the challenges that we faced, how God worked in our individual spiritual lives, and how He allowed us to grow from one Growth Group to eight (as to date)! We really praise God for the privilege! Very humbling experience...

Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to the hearts of the people whom He prepared in advance to be a Call Center Agents for Christ. We are prayerfully looking forward for GCF Connect-South to be officially launched!

More photos in our facebook account. :) 

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