Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grace To You

Listening to John Mac Arthur's sermon's been keeping me company for the past three nights and I've been learning a lot. I really thank God for the internet!

So far, I've listened to four sermons:
Most recent

Listened to this because this is our Bible study passage tonight. :)

You too can listen to his sermon, just visit and look for the latest sermons uploaded.

I also read this wonderful article about How to Enjoy Bible Study.  He said there, and I quote--

"we submit to Scripture and let it transform our lives. If you skip this step, you will never enjoy your Bible study and the Bible will never change your life.

Bible study is not optional in the Christian life. It is both the obligation and the privilege of all believers. If you are not involved in regular, systematic Bible study, you are missing one of the primary means God uses to bring us to maturity (1 Peter 2:2)."

I couldn't agree more! You can read the whole article by clicking the title.

Ayun lang, share lang! ;-) 

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