Monday, February 20, 2012

Mah Ladies!

I consider being a discipler (mentor) as one of my greatest blessing. I never imagined that God would give me the desire, enable and move me to look after these ladies in their walk with the Lord.

Seriously, there are still times that I feel so unworthy to be called their discipler. But the grace of God is indeed sufficient! With the help of the Holy Spirit, I am able to do what God wants me to do in this ministry opportunity that He has given me... That for me is just overwhelming!

And so now, allow me to introduce to you these wonderful ladies that God has entrusted me to disciple and journey with...

The is Olive.
The last time I met with her was October last yr.
Her desire is to desire what God wants for her.
She has grown a lot since we started 3 yrs ago! And I praise God for her!

This is Elise.
I miss her so much! The last time I met with her was June last yr. :(
But I'm happy as she is now happily married to Lance and they are expecting their baby girl in a couple of months!
I kind of like consider her a "daughter" and she calls me "Mommah" in return. :)

This is Ann.
The last time I met with her was in October last yr also.
I see myself a lot in her. I'm not sure if I told her that but that's true! Hehe.
The Lord also led her to become a GG leader and a discipler. Praise God for her life! :)
This Carmie.
We just met last week, the day before Valentine's day. :)
She is like a souls sister to me... because our birth dates are just one day apart! Hehe!
When we started it took a while for us to realize that what we were doing was discipleship.
She is a blessing to me, a great source of encouragement.

This is Jem.
If I remember it right, the last time we met was November last yr.
Sya ang pinaka-makulit at super hyper sa lahat! Hahaha!
I love her so much she is like a baby sister to me!
God's teaching me a lot through her.

This is Donna.
I think it was also in November 2011 when we last met for discipleship
Weird girl but weird good! She is in love with the Lord! ;-)
Lately, we've kind of been doing a semi-discipleship through SMS.
Haha! Thanks to technology!

This is Raymarie.
We met early this month, February 2.
I thought that it wasn't God's will for us to go on the journey together but then, I thought wrong pala! Hehe!
She is a young leader. Very mature magisip and her desire is to just please the Lord in every areas of her life.
This is Fhang.
We met two weeks ago.
I have nothing but good words about this lady... Her child-like faith is just inspiring!
I am reaping what was sown to her and I praise and thank the Lord for that!

They are like my treasure! I really really love them... I just hope they feel it. Hehe. May mga times kasi na ilan sa kanila ang nasusungitan ko. Haha! Not that I hate them nor I'm mad at them it's just that I desire and I always pray for them to grow more inlove with and obedient to the Lord, and that they will just walk faithfully and persevere no matter what... Basta, alam ni Lord kung ano ang heart ko for them all. :)

Now, I suddenly miss them all! Anu ba yan! I'm hoping and praying to meet with them again soon, especially those whom I haven't met for a long time...

Thank You Lord, for these ladies...
They don't know how much they mean to me and how much they are contributing to my spiritual growth as well... I pray that You will continue to lead them to You and only to You!
For your glory to be manifested in their lives and for the furtherance of Your kingdom! Amen.

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