Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...Part 4 with my beloved!

Here's for the last part of my "27 years of God's faithfulness" post.

Save the best for last ika nga! hehe. :)

August 26, 2011
-My beloved John promised me this birthday treat and I super enjoyed it... We ate at Chocolate Fire in Makati. Loved the place and the sandwich...yung drink ko medyo disappointing kasi lasang Milo. Ahahaha!

Anyway, photos muna for now ang mai-she-share ko... Story to follow na lang! Enjoy. :)

a view from where we are seated


my drink: i forgot na kung ano bsta chocolate w/ whip cream! haha!

John's drink: white chocolate w/ cinnamon... mas masarap ito sa drink ko

turkey sandwich

uhm... nakalimutan ko na din! bakit puro food ni John naalala ko? LOL

Mog shot lang love! LOL

Deadma shot ni John and pa-Cute shot ko

That's more like it! ;) & look! anlaki nung mga sandwich noh?

time to show you the place... sa 2nd flr kami nito

those two doors w/ the painting of a lady and a man are wash rooms! cool noh?

i love my dSLR! madilim dito eh pero my shot turned out well. :)

different view naman

tin can puppet. cute!

busy sya sa pagbabasa... ako sa pagkukuha ng letrato!

oops! na-click ko...

yan kasama na ako! thanks to self-timer! hehe

wala ulit ako...

andito ulit...

"candid" hahaha!

i wanted him to look at the camera... pasaway!

let's drink to that!

kulet nya noh? nagtakip talaga ng tasa! hmp

hehe. love it! love my man!
 That's all for now... Will edit for more detailed story. :)

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